Friday, February 12, 2016

A Stash Card

Cold and snowy here in Ontario. The snow is coming down pretty hard right now so I’m thinking the snow shovels will get another work out tomorrow. Although it was fine here last night, farther east from here there was more snow and white out conditions (snow blowing across the road so you cannot see far in front or even beside you) and there were over 350 accidents – most caused because people will not slow down in bad weather. Crazy people!

Did you notice something new on the blog? The Pinterest button? I finally figured out how to allow my cards to be pinned to Pinterest and thought I’d give it a try. Let me know if you like it or not or if you use it or not.

Today’s card is another one from the stash but again, it could be made from new paper as well.


The striped paper on the right and on the bottom is one sheet but I added the top strip to make it fit the card. The strip on the left matches the strips on right so I added it going vertical instead of horizontal. To hide the seams, I took silver peel-off strips and ran some light green alcohol ink down them to change the colour. I used green because it was pretty close in colour to the ribbon I wanted to use – which picks up the colour from the leaves in the coloured image…..yes, I know, I like everything to match! The image is a free down-load from the Internet and I coloured it with Prismacolor pencils, blended a bit with gamsol and used the old Spellbinder's rectangle die to die cut it. Instead of a bow I just tied a piece of ribbon and cut the ends on an angle. It needed something else so I added the wooden butterfly. The tag was hand cut and the sentiment is another coloured silver peel-off to match the peel-off strips.

That’s all for a cold, snowy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and stay safe.




Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Cold Day but a Sunny Card

Pretty darn cold here today with temperatures sitting about -9C (15F) but with the wind it feels like -17C (1F) and it will be even colder on the weekend -14C (6F) but with the wind -24C (-11F). We're staying put today in our nice warm house. I’m so sick of winter. I want to walk in the bush; ride the bikes in the park; sit on the front porch to have my coffee and dig in my garden.

Today’s card is another one from the stash but it could be made from new material as well....especially if you wanted a quick card to make.


This paper was either from the thrift store or in a box of paper that a friend of mine gifted to me when she decided to quit making cards. The top and bottom papers were taped together at the back and then trimmed to the correct size for the card base. The ribbon was in my ribbon stash too and it really looked like the perfect trim for that card. My card making friend, Jane, lent me her Tim Holtz greeting dies. I haven’t used them much because I've been quilting and scrapbooking more than card making but I thought a nice blue sentiment on this card would be a good look….and I was right. I like how it looks….I noticed the missing dot over the eye as I looked at the photos and added one afterward. I was shocked at how big these dies are though. They really make a statement. I have his seasonal greetings and I may get this one as well. Not sure yet….maybe if I find it on sale.
That’s all for a cold Thursday,




Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Painted Items and Some Painting Tips

Sticky snow! That’s what my sister called the snow we had last night which is a pretty good description of it but not one that most people use to describe snow. She said she really had to scrape hard to get the snow off the windshield this morning because it was wet snow that then froze. It was wet snow here today too and much harder to shovel than last week. Now it’s going to be freezing cold for four days before warming up to 0ÂșC (32F) next Monday. I’m so sick of winter!
I had another question about painting on wood which was good timing because I just finished a piece so I have an example to show you. Before I start painting on wood I give it a very light coat of Varathane which is a sealer and finisher. If you don’t put that coat of sealer on, the paint will just absorb into the wood. Now, sometimes you want that look – it’s called ‘pickling”. Here is an example of pickling.

This is my wooden Halloween candy jar that I painted several years ago. This is the pen and wash technique. The wood background was just slightly painted with tinted Varathane. Then the drawings were added and outlined with a waterproof pen and then the paint was added as a wash – which is just watered down paint. It gives a very pastel look. It was fun to do. Here are the other sides of the container. The wooden stem is the handle of the top that lifts off.


Now, when you want to have total coverage of the wood, then you seal it first. Then put a very thin layer of paint on each part – blocking it in. For example, here is the birdhouse Joe’s cousin made and asked me to paint for him. He wants to make several of these to sell at the church’s auction sale this fall and wondered how they would look painted.

Excuse the fuzzy photos – bad lighting. So, the main part of the birdhouse was given a thin layer of the dark brown wood; the roof and door (on the other side) the raw sienna colour; the sign on the door and windows a very light blue (one other big window on the other side) and the posts light brown. Once they were dry then I went back over them with more layers of thicker paint until I was happy with the coverage.

The windows and door was outlined in the same light brown as the posts. The windows have curtains. Here’s a close-up
Once the light blue was dry, I made a wash (watered down white paint) and painted in the curtains from the middle to the inside….several brush strokes which do not show up well here but in real life it looks like creases in the curtains from being pulled back. The sign on the door says, “gone fishing”.

Here are some other angles.

 It is straight - my camera was on an angle.

So, hope this helps out anyone who wants to do some acrylic painting. There is no shading or high-lighting on the birdhouse but that's another method that takes practice.

That’s all for a cold Wednesday in February



Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Cold Snowy Night and a Card

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..but it’s February! The snow is coming down in a steady shower and it is sticking to the roads and driveways tonight – enough that the roads look slippery. Looks like we will be shovelling tomorrow – I get the new shovel too! It was a cool, wet walk this morning as well. There was just a light snow shower, not much wind and the temperature was just above freezing so we decided to walk uptown and back. Going was pretty nice but coming home we were facing the wind and every once in awhile it would gust up and it seemed to switch to the north at the same time so we had wet snow hitting us in the face. We were mighty glad to be back home.

Today’s card is one that I made the other night when I was looking for a particular colour in the blue stash bag and came across these two pieces of paper and decided to make them into a card instead of putting them back in the bag.


This was simple enough to make and I really like how it turned out. I’m not sure if I’m making it into a retirement or birthday card though….maybe I’ll just leave it blank for now. The two pieces of paper were taped together at the back and then glued to a kraft card base. I like the kraft ones for men’s cards. There is a small light beige line in the striped paper so I found some light beige cardstock and cut a circle. Then a script stamp was stamped on white cardstock with light brown ink and die cut with the next size smaller circle – Spellbinders. The feathers were glued together at the bottom and then tied with bakers’ twine. The tag was hand cut from the same paper as the largest circle and notched at one end. There was a small piece of the stripped paper left over so I cut a small piece and glued it to the end of the tag with the strips going the opposite way. The sentiment was stamped and then the tag was attached using dimensional tape.

That’s all for a cold, snowy Tuesday,




Monday, February 8, 2016

A Rainy Day and a Card

What a busy day in the rain this was! It was raining when got up and didn’t quit until about 2:00 this afternoon when it turned to wet snow. So far the snow is melting when it hits the driveway and sidewalks and only sticking to the grassy areas – and we don’t have to shovel them so let it snow.

We started out this morning saying we were just going to do a few errands and get some groceries. Then Joe suggested that first we stop at the arena and walk some laps for exercise –  we ended up doing 16 laps, which was 2 miles; then on to some errands and some were quicker than others and by noon we just had groceries left to get and I thought we did pretty good time wise. But as we finished a quick lunch at the coffee shop, Tim Horton’s, Joe suggested we look at a couple of apartments for my sister before we get groceries. She has sold her place out in the country and will be moving into Chatham but she is undergoing radiation and staying in London during the week and cannot look for a place to live and asked if we would look for her – of course we would! That’s what sisters are for!....and luckily she has a wonderful brother-in-law too. We ended up going to see several apartments; picked our favourite two for her to see when she feels up to it; and headed out for groceries. Looking at apartments is time consuming! We didn’t get home until 5:00! Wow, tired as can be. I’m surprised I have enough energy to post a card!

Before I post the card I would like to respond to a question a viewer asked on a previous post – about the possibility of me doing a demonstration on how to paint on slate. I don’t do demos because a) I am self taught in most everything I do so I don’t feel qualified to teach anything. I give tips and ideas on what works for me for card making and scrapbooking but again, I’m self taught on that as well

and b) I don’t have the equipment or right area to record anything.

But actually painting on slate is no different than painting on wood except instead of sealing the slate like I do wood; I just sponge on a light background layer of acrylic paint; let it dry and then paint over top of it. Once again, it’s how I do it but it’s my own thing I came up with so don’t be surprised if you find other or better methods. Sometimes I sponge right to the edge; sometimes I leave some slate showing; depends on my mood I guess.

I appreciate the comments left and I certainly read them all and respond to the ones I can.

Here is today’s card.

This one was 100% from the stash bin. I had this small scrap of paper with the birds and leaves on it but not enough to cover a card or even half a card. It was wide enough on one side to fit on a standard card but the other sides were uneven and one was very short. So, I made sure one corner was square and then ripped the paper from one corner to the other on an angle. Yes, I could have cut it but I like a ripped edge for dimension. Then I glued it on that very, very light green leaving a small border. A matching piece of paper in a more solid green was glued onto the card base leaving a border there as well. I had enough of the very light green to die cut a fancy label (Spellbinders) and after a quick look through the stash I found that blue that was the same colour as the bird – bonus! It was also cut from the same Spellbinder’s die set. The sentiment is a peel-off. There was one small piece of designer paper left over that had that large bird, the branch and some leaves on it so I cut around them and added them to the top using dimensional tape…except for the branch which was glued flat. I liked how it turned out and I may make some more using that same design, even if not from the stash.

That’s all for a rainy Monday,




Friday, February 5, 2016

Snow! and a Scrapbook Layout

Snow! AAAGGGHHH it’s back! We had just over an inch of snow last night and it definitely wasn’t going away quickly this time. The street in front of our house was very icy this morning and there was one accident about 8:30 but no injuries. After breakfast Joe and I decided to go out and shovel the driveway. I posted our discussion about the snow shovels we have on my Facebook page and people seemed to think it was pretty funny so I’ll repeat it here for all of my readers.

The snow shovel saga: We had to shovel the driveway again - I do from sidewalk to road, Joe does the top part. I get frustrated with my worn out shovel and tell him: The quality of my shovelling is in direct relationship to the equipment that I was given!
Him: Are you saying my shovel is inferior?
Me: No, I'm saying it is pitiful.
Him: (pretending to be insulted) So, you are actually running down my shovel.
Me: I'd like to run it over and put it out of its misery. I need a new shovel.
Him: (thinks for a minute and says) You know, I think there is at least one other shovel in the shed. It might be in better shape.
Me: Grrrr. Urge to kill very high.....until I see that grin and sparkling blue eyes. I shake my head and finish the driveway.

We get done early and go for a walk. When we get home, he goes out to the shed and comes back in grinning. "Look! Another shovel and it’s a tin one, not plastic"
Me: It has a crease in it. Not sure how long that will last.
Him: It'll get us through this winter. We'll buy new shovels next year.

He takes it outside and comes back in with a sheepish grin on this face and I say: What happened?
Him: I took one push with it and it crumbled up like an according. I saw another one in the back of the shed. I'll get it. .....I roll my eyes and say nothing.

Back to the shed he goes and he comes back in with a huge grin and with.....are you ready for this - A BRAND NEW SHOVEL! It still has the store tag stuck to it. Urge to kill rises again!  So funny. Good job we see the humour in everything!

Today I’m posting another scrapbook layout.

I had a few photos of my grandson who is a very busy boy……oh the energy of a 5 year old! I wasn’t sure how to lay them out but I decided to not use the computer to do a digital layout – none of my templates seem to work. I need to learn how to make my own! I really like to try new techniques even when I’m scrapbooking so this time I decided what short info I wanted under each photo and typed them on the computer on cream paper. Then the photos were trimmed to fit – the edges have been inked with black ink- a favourite technique I use so I don’t have to mount them on black cardstock. I like how the photos are different widths too – adds some interest I think.

There was a lot of green grass and trees in the photos so I used a piece of light green for the background. The slide and the design on his shirt were yellow so I used a yellow strip to separate the page for the large title. The circle journal tag is a stamp. I have no idea where the bike embellishment came from – it was in my stash.

The large title was die cut with the Stampin’ Up alphabet set. I glued decorative paper on to a cereal box before die cutting. Love that alphabet die set. I like how this page turned out.

That’s all for a mild but white Friday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.




Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hawks, Bears and a Card

We had a few snow showers about 9:00 this morning but they didn’t last long; then it changed to snow pellets for awhile; and then nothing; and then back to snow showers but not much is accumulating on the ground. We’ve had green grass for weeks now. Temperatures are right around the freezing mark so not too cold at all, but damp.

I’m tired today for no apparent reason – maybe just tired of winter. I saw this on the Internet and thought it was perfect for how I felt.

No bear is chasing me today so I didn’t get as much accomplished as I should have.

Yesterday we looked out the back door just before we left for a walk and we found this hawk sitting on the fence. I had to delay the walk to get a couple of shots in. Joe does not like hawks but they are beautiful birds. Apparently some think it is a Sharp Skinned Hawk, not a Coopers but it’s still open for debate. They are so similar its almost impossible to tell them apart.

And now a card……. I like how this one turned out.

Paper is from the stash but not all cards have to look like they come from the stash and I don’t think this one does! The two background papers were taped together at the back. When I make a card I like to think two things are important……match and contrast…sounds contradictory but I like the background to match but I like the focal image to pop so the only way to do that is by contrast.
The blue just seemed right for this card so the first thing I did was die cut (Spellbinders) Edgeability die to put down the seam where the two background pieces met. Then, using the same blue, a Spellbinder scalloped rectangle die was used to mount the image on….which was coloured with Prismacolor pencils….and the sentiment and embellishment were die cut from an old Cuttlebug die.
The focal image is popped up to give some dimension to the card and it resting on a piece of fun foam cut just a bit smaller than the card. I saw someone on YouTube do this and I thought it was an excellent idea. Once the card was finished, I added Stickles to the cupcakes and some around the image….using yellow and blue to match the rest of the card.

I hope some of these cards will encourage you to use up those scraps of paper. That’s all for a snowy Thursday,






Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Windy Wednesday Card

Wow, it felt like an April day today with temperatures at 9C (48F) but the wind was cool with very strong gusts. We went for our walk this morning and really couldn’t decide how to dress for it. I opted for a spring/fall jacket because it was so mild and Joe wore his winter coat because of the cool wind. I start to feel nauseous if I get over-heated and he doesn’t so it worked out well for both of us…..but I think he was a little hot when we were out of the wind but he wouldn’t admit it! The strong wind started last night and it blue this slate welcome sign right of the wall and unto the porch about 8 feet away…..


……and slate is heavy so that was one strong wind gust! I thought it just chipped one corner off but when I looked at it this morning it has a large hairline crack up the middle so I think I need to paint another one. I have a huge box of slate so that is not the problem; it’s the time to do it!

Today’s card is another one made from the paper stash. You may be seeing a few of these as I’m on another quest to use it up. I reach in and pull out a bag of paper bits and try to use them in a card. It's actually quite fun.

Okay, I cheated a bit on this one. I didn’t have any images coloured up to suit the paper but I had this photo of an Angle butterfly that I had taken and had the sentiments added in Photoshop and decided it had been sitting on the desk long enough and was considered “stash”. The “just because” came stamped or printed on that piece of paper…..which was either gifted to me or bought at the thrift store as I don’t remember buying it. I found that pinkish paper that went well with the background and the orange strip that matched the “just because” and the butterfly. The flower was made with a Stampin’ Up thinlit and the butterfly is from a Memory Box die. I added an orange circle around the middle of the flower and then glued on a gem. This card should brighten someone’s day….at least I hope it does.

That’s all for a windy Wednesday,......yikes, I can hear the wind howling as I write this!







Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Quilts and more Quilts

The barometric pressure is falling fast today and we are under a severe rainfall, thunderstorm and possible flooding watch. Well at least we don’t have to shovel rain. We are up pretty high and away from the river far enough not to worry about flooding but I do worry for others who are not. Hopefully it will not happen.

Instead of a card today I’m posting two quilts and a pillow sham that I made for a fund raiser for our local animal shelter. My friend made one as well and my oldest daughter wanted to buy them so we let her. $170 for a very good cause was raised. Here are the quilts I made. These were both scrap quilts with material donated by other members of the quilt guild. It’s a challenge to put together a quilt with bits and pieces but we did it.
Click on any picture to enlarge it.

This quilt is just blocks of various cats –some realistic, some cartoonish, some large, some small – didn’t matter, if they were cats, the fabric was cut into squares and put in the quilt. We found some brown squares and cut them the same size and made a quick quilt. The border also has cats on it.


This quilt was another one of donated fabric with various dog prints or bone prints, again from various people. This time a black border was added to each block and the blocks were laid out with one vertical and one horizontal and in diagonal rows – as best I could. I like this one the best.

And this is what a quilter does when given one larger panel of a cat – make a pillow cover! A cat lover will love it and it may end up with my grandson who loves cats.

My friend had it easy as she received a bundle of related fabric and she made this very colourful quilt.


That’s all for a cool and damp Tuesday. I'll be back tomorrow with a card.




Saturday, January 30, 2016

A One Layer Card

This is a rare Saturday post. I wanted to make a one layer card for the challenge at: and I didn’t care for the first one I made and wanted to make another one and just had the chance to do so this afternoon. Here is the card.

The background was sponged with some pretty blue dye ink that resembles Broken China but it is not. It’s an ink pad that was in with some other goodies from the thrift store. Any ink would do. The Christmas scroll stamps are Inkadinkado and the were in the same package from the thrift store as the ink. They were stamped using the same ink pad. The sentiment is from Paper Wishes – HOTP. I rather like how it turned out but I may add some gems or sequins later on…… or maybe not….I haven’t decided yet.

That’s all for a Saturday,



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