Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Butterfly Card

Well today was the complete opposite of yesterday! Yesterday it was hot and humid and we had to turn the A/C on but the thunderstorm this afternoon brought the temperatures down to a very chilly degree. No need for A/C now. Neither one of us felt like doing anything today so I worked on altering a dress for my daughter, the marathon runner, to wear during the Halloween Race. It’s not always easy to come up with a costume that is comfortable for running in but this year should be okay. She is going as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas – her favourite movie. It’s also shark week and I have tons of shows taped to watch so I got a couple of those in today too. Once in awhile we just need a lazy day.

Today’s card is one I made last week for my friend whose husband died.

The top photograph is one of my own photos of the Buckeye butterfly on a thistle flower. I had already added the sentiment in Photoshop. I glued it to a Stampin’ Up green card base with the fold at the top. The butterfly corner treatment is a Memory Box die that first cut out of white cardstock and glued in place. I have found the best way to glue these intricate dies is to lay it face down on a page in an old magazine and use my Zip Dry glue to just dab away at it until it’s all covered with glue and then I pick it up with tweezers and lay it down where I want it. I lay a piece of scrap paper on top and press down to adhere it well. Just close the magazine up and that page will stick the opposite page. Next time you need to glue something, a new page will be there….and if you need to glue something right away, you won’t get glue on the wrong side of what you are gluing. The three butterflies are die cut at the same time and they are removable. To pick up on the pink of the thistle flower I ran the same die through the Big Shot but instead of die cutting it, I embossed it on a piece of heavy pink paper. This left the perfect impression of the butterflies so I just had to cut them out and glue them in the negative spaces…no guess work involved. The body and antennae are from another butterfly die but they work on all butterflies….I just cut one smaller for the smallest butterfly.

That’s it for a rainy Tuesday,


Monday, July 6, 2015

A Quick Card

Well that was one of the best weeks and weekends weather-wise we’ve had for a long time. The Canada Day celebrations with the family were great, the long bike ride the next day was great, a day off to recuperate was nice and then another long bike ride Saturday and a BBQ and hike on Sunday. While we hiked on Sunday we saw several birds, including Baltimore Orioles, Yellow Warblers, Woodpeckers, a Kingfisher and a Great Egret. This is the first time I’ve got even a so-so picture of the Kingfisher. Here it is…..not a great shot but good enough to prove we saw it.

And the Egret was a long way away but I did capture it and it actually made a nice wall-paper photo for my desktop computer. Here is the Egret.

Today’s card is one of those ‘I need a card and I need it quick” card.

I love small paper packs because all the paper matches and it’s quick to put something together. I took two greens (left over pieces) – the top and the bottom and laid them out on the card base – didn’t quite meet. I found the middle green in the stash (with the sentiment already stamped) and it matched perfectly so I placed it on top and glued everything down. This piece of green came from either a friend or the thrift store because I don’t have that sentiment stamp. I added a gold peel-off line on the edges of the middle panel and a peel-off lady bug and called it done. Sometimes less really is enough.

More thunderstorms tomorrow but that’s all for a hot and humid Monday!


Friday, July 3, 2015

I'm Back with an Update and a Card

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth……just busy! Wednesday was our Canada Day BBQ with family and it was great! The weather cleared up overnight and although there was a cool breeze it was a bit chilly when the clouds covered the sun but when there were no clouds, the sun was warm as could be. The Springbank Park is huge and one end has Storybook Gardens which is great but very, very busy so we avoided that end completely. There is one thing I learned though – trying to get little boys to follow direction for a photo shoot is like herding cats – doesn’t work well. I suggested that they all hold their Canadian whirly-wigs way up high as they could and this is what I got.


I wanted a nice photo of the three boys with us and do you think they would pose nicely – not these little rascals. This is what we got!

 They had just stopped riding their scooters and still had helmuts on.
 Good job the little rascals are cute and well behaved – except for posing for photos!

I finally got my daughter's Christmas quilt to her - yeah, a little late but she loved it. Here it is. It is big and bright that's for sure!
Thursday we went for a 25km bike ride and coming home we decided to stop at the self-serve car wash and power wash the grease and grime off the bicycle chains and gears. Wow, were they caked on. We will now re-oil them and I do believe it will be easier riding. We have dirt bikes so we can go on the trails so they get dirty very quickly. This year we’ve decided to seldom do the trails as they are in rough shape right now so that should help keep them cleaner. We got home late only to find out Joe’s sister had fallen again and this time she broke her elbow and would need surgery on Friday afternoon. Too tired to post by this time.

This morning was grass cutting and then I had to attend a “celebration of life only” funeral this afternoon for a quilting friend’s husband and then we went right to the hospital to wait for the surgery to be completed. She did fine and will likely be released tomorrow or Sunday but was completely out of it so we gave up and came home. Long day for sure.
Today’s card is another dragonfly card and this time I used the negative part of a peel-off. This could be a birthday or thinking of you card.

When you use these peel-offs (called Dazzles if from Paper Wishes) you always get left with the “innies”. I hate to waste anything so I carefully cut around the innies leaving a very scant margin then I used a sheet designed for picking up the innies and lifted it up and transferred them to a piece of bright blue cardstock. Then I trimmed away the blue from the edges. Then it was glued to the white cardstock that I die cut with a Spellbinder’s die. Lots of steps but it really didn’t take that long. The blue fancy rectangle was die cut from the same die set and then the whole thing was glued to the pretty blue flowered paper that I had already adhered to the card base. I added a white bow to the right side and blue gems to some of the areas on the white and blue fancy rectangles and a large white gem to the dragonfly for the head. I tried a black gem there but it didn’t look right with the silver so I switched it for the clear one.

That’s all for a Friday.  It’s supposed to be another gorgeous weekend with lots of sunshine. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Blah Day but Cards Made

This was a bit of a blah day! They were calling for thunderstorms this afternoon and the dark clouds kept rolling in but kept on going so far but too risky to drive to the park for a bike ride only to get rained out. The skies were pretty dark towards the lake so we figured it probably was raining there. Tomorrow is Canada Day so a big BBQ is planned with two of the daughters and their families and my sister and perhaps Joe’s sister and her friend so we needed a day of rest anyway. Joe rested but I went down to the lower studio and made some cards. A friend of mine lost her 7 year old granddaughter from cancer a couple of weeks ago and she wondered if I could make her a couple of cards with dragonflies on them. She wants to send a couple of personal notes to people and dragonflies were important to Addison so that’s why she requested them. I ended up making 12 cards so she can have her pick. Here are two of them.

These two cards were made the same way so I’m posting them together. The background is water colour paper that I wet first and then splashed on water colour paint and let it swirl and mix. Once it was dried I enhanced some places with Distress Inks. Once that dried I splattered on drops of water which makes those lovely distress splats….for lack of a better word! The dragonflies were stamped with Archival Ink and then I added the sequins. Some of the dragonfly wings have some Wink of Stella added for bling, some are left plain, and some have some liquid glitter glue.  

That’s all for a dull, cloudy Tuesday,


Monday, June 29, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away - to California maybe?

We were absolutely soaked in this weekend. It started raining here about 5:30 am and didn’t stop all day – and sometimes it came pouring down like I’ve never seen before. The Windsor airport had over 2 ½” of rain on Saturday alone. More thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow are forecasted as well. Too bad we can’t send some of it to California. We had so much rain that most of the sweet cherries were ruined – they split if they get too much rain and then rot right away. Cherries are my all-time favourite fruit too. Sad. Some of the apple orchards were ruined too. I feel bad for the farmers as this is their livelihood.

Not much to report as we were housebound this weekend and I pretty much did some quilting and made some cards which I will post later on. They are not photographed yet. But here is a card that I made that I quite like.

I took a piece of patterned note card and inked the edges slightly with red ink. The photograph of the butterfly is one of my own. Before it was printed I wrote “In sympathy” vertically along the bottom left edge using Photoshop. One piece of white ribbon was run from the top of the card to just under where the photo was to be .Once the photo was glued to the centre of the card the bow was glued in place. I like this one so much I think I’ll get some more photos printed off for future cards. I don’t have any more of the note paper but I can find something similar I’m sure.

That’s all for a soggy Monday, June-29-15


Friday, June 26, 2015

A New Technique

A very early post today. We are waiting for my sister to have her cataract removed and we have to stay by the phone to go get her when she is released. This is the second one she has had removed so this should be it.

After we dropped her off at the hospital we went down to the fruit stand and got a flat of strawberries to freeze, the biggest head of leaf lettuce I’ve ever seen and a cucumber. So happy to see the local produce again. I don’t think the cucumber was local unless it was grown in a greenhouse but the strawberries were and the lettuce sure was – the root was still on it.

A couple of weeks ago I went to The Pampered Stamper’s technique university night and had a blast. She is one of the local Stampin’ Up dealers and her and three other dealers each taught a group of us their technique. One of the cards I made was this one:

You start by rubbing ink around a piece of white cardstock, blending the colours here and there. We used Stampin’ Up ink of course, but any ink would work. Then we placed a circle stencil over the top of it and rubbed white ink into the circles. We moved the stencil around and even over-lapped some of the circles. Nice effect! Then we stamped the sentiment and then the ferns twice, without re-inking and repeated. The double ribbon does not go all around the back as it would be too bulky so we just taped the ends to the back – saves a lot of ribbon too. This was then glued to the green card base. Love this card and I will be doing this technique over and over.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. We are expecting torrential rainfall for both Saturday and Sunday so I’m glad I have indoor hobbies to fall back on when we can’t bike or hike.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Christmas Card Recycled

So tired! This has been an exhausting week!...... and for no reason at all when I went to bed last night, tired as can be, I couldn’t sleep! Wired! And today we decided we absolutely had to do all the things we’ve been putting off, like getting groceries, going to get batteries, going to the fruit stand, the bank, the library  and more. I’m ready to flop out tonight!

Did you know it’s only 6 months until Christmas! Hey, don’t shoot the messenger! I’m just saying it’s time to get those Christmas cards made now so you don’t have to rush to do it in December. Here’s one I made last week.

I use old Christmas cards people give me for a variety of things – mostly I run them under cardstock when die cutting because then I don’t’ have to emboss the shape afterwards….but I came across this snowman on a very large card and I liked it. So, I took some Stampin’ Up blue cardstock (Night of Navy or Almost Navy) and die cut an oval in the centre of it. Then I placed the card behind it and trimmed away anything sticking out. The snowman has very fine glitter around him so I added more and spread it outside the oval and some on top and then some as snowflakes still falling. Then I mounted it all on a white card base. Quick, cute card even if it is a recycled item.

That’s all for a Thursday,


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sunny Days and a Bird Card

Another gorgeous day here in Ontario….but it will be short lived as they are calling for rain tomorrow and Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! Friday will be the only rain free day at this point. So glad we got a bike ride in today – almost 29km today at Rondeau Park. I mentioned the fierce thunderstorms that we had Sunday night and it turns out that more rain fell during the storm then we normally get in a month! No wonder there was so much flooding. June had already broken the record for the amount of rain fall before the thunderstorm too. It’s been a wet one and now they (so called experts) are saying July and August are going to be record breaking hot and humid temperatures. Can’t win!

Today’s card is another one made with one of Tim Holtz’s crazy bird stamp.

The bird was stamped with Rangers Archival ink on plain white cardstock but the image and background were painted with water colour paints. As long as you don’t saturate the cardstock it works well. This bird seemed to be staring off into space so I added the “thinking of you” peel-off silver sentiment and the fancy silver line under it. The card base is Stampin’ Up, Night of Navy I think, and is folded at the top. Then I added a piece of designer paper cut a little smaller and then the stamped and coloured image. The edges of the stamped panel were inked with the Night of Navy stamp pad.

By the way, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you may recall that I complain sometimes that the camera seems to change the colour of some of the paper so things do not look like they match. Well, I took the camera into the shop on Tuesday and it turns out someone (and I’m the only one that uses it) accidently changed a setting on it that did indeed adjust colours. Ooops. But the fellow was nice enough to show me how it happened and how to correct it. Nice people at Henry’s Camera.

That’s all for what was a sunny warm Wednesday,


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Good news, Bad News and a Card

Lucky, lucky, lucky! Yes, we are very lucky indeed. About 3:00 am last night we had major thunderstorms roll through….vicious thunderstorms. So vicious in fact that there were tornadoes confirmed over in Michigan, Illinois and Iowa….The good news is.....no tornadoes here in Ontario which is why I say we are so lucky. I told Joe this morning that the storm was one step from being a tornado and he didn’t believe me until we saw the news…..and because he normally sleeps through them. He says he heard the thunder once and saw one flash of lightning – oh boy….wish I could sleep like that. I hear everything!  Point Pelee Park had to close today because of the number of trees that fell over onto the road – there is only one road in, one road out. Lots of people are without power too.

The bad news.....Joe washed our cell phone! He forgot to take it out of his pocket and it’s nice and clean, but doesn’t work. This is the second time he has done this….plus he washed a $100 camera battery a couple of years ago….so he says he is done carrying the phone!!!! I think he means it to. So, we upgraded from the little flip phone to a real cell phone……we’re slowing catching up with the rest of the world.

Today’s card is a masculine card…..not my favourite card to make but they do have birthdays and like a card.

My go-to stamp for men – the Tim Holtz old truck! This time I stamped and embossed it with that rusty red colour and cut it out. I dug through the stash and found that dark background paper and the buff coloured paper that had red splatters on it. Perfect. The oval was die cut with a Spellbinder’s die and then I added the truck with thin dimensional dots. I swiped some of the same red under it and around the edges. I had a piece of the buff paper left over so I die cut a decorative edge, inked it up and added it to the left. The sentiment is from an old greeting card and the inside was computer generated and said something like….”but you’re still in great shape” and then Happy Birthday.

That’s all for a sunny and lovely Tuesday,

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Birthday Layout

I’m still on weekend mode I think. I almost forgot to post something today. We had a very busy three days in spite of a lot of rain and lots of chances of rain. We ended up leaving the bikes at home and went hiking instead – about 9,000 steps three days in a row. We found a new hiking Conservation area yesterday and really enjoyed it…..except for the mosquitoes…and rain…. it was a great weekend.

I thought I’d post a scrapbook layout today. Time for a change from cards. This is a layout I did for my oldest grandson whose birthday is coming up next month. This one is from 2010.

 Here are the two pages put together.

I like two page layouts that are similar but not a mirror image of each other. So I started with two plain pieces of blue paper and then cut some darker blue paper with even darker blue balloons on it to go around the top. The letters were die cut, painted white and the blue paint was splattered on.

Some extra strips of paper were added to the top and bottom of the photos so they don’t look like they are floating. The journaling block and date block were stamped and then I added three paper buttons that I die cut. This is the grandson who has been growing his hair out for years so he could donate it for the organization that makes wigs for children who lost their hair from chemotherapy. He finally was able to donate it this spring. Love this boy!

That’s all for a Monday,


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