Friday, July 31, 2015

A Stash Buster Card

Another beautiful day here in Ontario….so glad the humidity is down to a near normal level. Yesterday was another 26.5km bike ride so today is taking it easy day. I did a bit of quilting but it was too hot in my sewing room so I went down to the lower studio and did some scrapbooking. I talked Joe into turning the A/C off and opening the windows after lunch even though it’s still in the mid 80’s outside. There is a lovely breeze blowing and I really wanted to get some fresh air in the house. Right now it is starting to cloud up and we could be in for another thunderstorm.

Today’s card is another one that used up some of the stash and yet it doesn’t look like a stash buster card.

The bottom striped piece is all one piece and I ran it through an embossing folder to give it even more dimension. The top piece is just a left over piece that matched the thin stripes in the bottom piece. I stamped and embossed the circle with some shiny light blue embossing powder. This is a reverse stamp so the butterfly and flowers show up after the background is stamped. A second white circle was then die cut and the blue one glued on top. A blue ribbon was glued to the seam of the two papers and a bow of the same ribbon was added to the circles. The sentiment and silver strip are peel-offs.

That’s all for a lovely Friday. Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day and we may take in the Art in the Park at Erieau. Have a great weekend everyone.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Scare, a Goof, and a Card.

That’s right – a scare, a goof and a card. First the scare. In June I had my annual mammogram. My mother died of breast cancer at age 54 so I’ve had mammograms since I was in my late 30’s. This time they found something that was not there last year. Oh oh. So, an ultrasound was booked which double confirmed there was something there that wasn’t supposed to be, so then a biopsy was done. Then I received a letter saying I needed to have both the ultrasound and mammogram repeated in January. No other explanation. Oh oh again. So I booked an appointment with my family doctor (he was going to call me but I booked the appointment before he had a chance to do so) and yesterday was good news day – the “something” is just a fatty deposit, never turns cancerous and I can forget about it…..mmmhhh cellulite in by boob? He says the breast screening clinic always asks for a 6 month follow-up just to protect their butts and he gets furious with them when there is really no need for it. So, ladies, please go get a mammogram. I know we are fortunate in Canada to have free health care so it costs us nothing to have these tests done but even if you do have to pay for it, please find a way to do so. I know where this “thing” is and I cannot feel it. If it wasn’t for the mammogram I wouldn’t know it was there and it could have been cancerous.

The “goof” is not a biggie but annoying just the same. I decided yesterday morning to make the 16 half-square triangles I need for my next charity quilt for Rondeau Park. I haven’t been quilting this summer at all but there is no excuse....other than brain fade….for me to put the fabric wrong sides together instead of right sides together! AAAgggghhhh! I hate “unsewing”….aka ripping out…but I sat on the porch last night and removed all the stitches and now they are ready to sew back together again. I still can’t believe I did that. I’ve been sewing since I was a teenager, and quilting for several years now, but every once in awhile its brain fade time!

Now the card! Another experiment that I liked.

This card was made with a single sheet of cream cardstock that came with that embossed area. It was part of a note card set I picked up at the thrift store and didn’t realize it they were just a single sheets….but if I buy it, I use it! So first I rubbed various Distress Inks around it – mostly Tumbled Glass or Broken China, Mustard Seed and a little Spiced Marmalade. Then I placed a stencil over it and sponged more of the blue ink over it. The flower stamp was inked with Versamark, black pigment ink, and then stamped on the card and covered with black embossing powder. I like to use black ink when using black embossing powder. Normally I would have shaken and brushed off all the little bits of extra embossing powder but this time I decided I liked the little black dots so I left several on and heat embossed it. Once the sentiment was stamped on, the panel was then glued to a regular  beige card base.

It continues to be very hot and humid – with the heat and humidex, it felt like 104F today. Two of our neighbours, both in their 70’s, were out cutting grass this afternoon. Crazy people. Joe waited until almost 5:00 to get ours done so at least it was a little less humid. We are having a bit of a rain shower right now but it doesn’t look like it will amount to too much.

That’s all for a hot, humid, and now rainy, Wednesday


Monday, July 27, 2015

A Banner Card

HOT, HOT, HOT!  With the humidity it feels close to 100ºF this afternoon. I went out to take the clothes off the line and I could hardly breathe. Looks like the heat and humidity is going to last all week too. We had a lovely weekend though. It was hot in the city but cooler at the lake so Saturday we did another 25km on the bikes at Rondeau Park and yesterday was take it easy day at Wheatley Park. It's so nice living where we have access to such lovely parks to relax and enjoy nature.

Today’s card is one made with several banners.

There were some pieces left over of the patterned paper and instead of putting them in my stash, another card was made! A quick search through the red stash turned up some matching plain paper that worked out just fine. The banners were all hand cut and the edges inked. The top plain paper was taped to the bottom plain paper and then glued to the white card base. Then the banners were glued on with one long strip added to the top to hide the mess. The sentiment was stamped and the card was done.

That’s all for a hot and humid Monday,


Friday, July 24, 2015

What to do with Random Cute Photos.

Hot, hot, hot here today which means there is a chance of thunderstorms coming tomorrow. It was in the mid 90’sºF this afternoon and the hot weather is going to stick around for a few days now. We’re not sure we’ll get any bike ride in this weekend so it’s a good job we did 25.5 km on the bikes yesterday.

This is Friday and I’ve decided for right now, Friday’s will be a scrapbook layout day so here is today’s page.

I had these very cute photos of my youngest grandchild but wasn’t sure what to do with them….they were just random cute photos. So, I decided to do the layout about random, cute photos…..and decided on a grid pattern.

I chose four photos and cut them down to 4” and framed them with a blue frame and one was framed with a red frame. The frames were die cut with a Spellbinder’s die. Four more squares were cut from cream cardstock to finish the grid and the edges were inked with blue ink. The top one was for the title. Two were stamped with a polka-dot pattern in blue ink that pretty much matched the blue frames. Then I chose some stamps that suited the page and stamped them on cream cardstock in the same blue ink, edges inked again, and glued on to the square. The bottom square was stamped with an Inkadinkado butterfly stamp, covered up with a mask of the butterfly, and then the polka-dots were stamped over it. The squares were all glued to a buff coloured 12x12 piece of paper. This layout didn’t take very long at all – it’s decided what layout to do that takes my time. Our Finn is just such a cutie!

That’s all for a very hot Friday,


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fuchsia and Silver Card

It was another lovely day here in Ontario so we tackled the lawn and garden today. Our ex-neighbour (so glad they moved out) drove over the edge of his driveway in the spring and left a huge track in the lawn. Joe repaired it by adding fresh soil and planted more grass seed but the grass seed we bought was filled with weed and crab grass seeds. Groan! What a mess! There are some areas that are pretty bare once we removed the crab grass. More patching to do but we’ll wait until we get them all out first.

Today’s card was made with two pieces of left over embossed cardstock.

This bright fuchsia paper was embossed and in with some paper I picked up at the thrift store. Speaking of the thrift store, I was going by there Monday so I stopped in for a quick look and picked up a brand new Stampin’ Up Measure of a Life stamp set –unmounted wood one- for $5.99. I’ve already adjusted one of the stamps which I’ll explain in a future posting but I sure wasn’t leaving it behind for $5.99. I prefer not to mount them on the provided wood so they don’t take up as much room.

Anyway, back to the card, the cardstock was 5 ½” long but it was too short to fit on the width of the card – but I liked it and didn’t want to waste it. So I cut it half and added the white in the centre. Then I stamped the sentiment – Stampin’ Up stamp - in a lighter fuchsia colour. Silver peel-offs (Dazzles from Paper Wishes) were added to the sides and fancy ones along the seams. Then a Dazzle dragonfly was placed on light pink cardstock and I cut around it and then glued it to the bottom left and a smaller silver dragonfly to the end of the sentiment. I think this makes a very happy birthday card and I’ve used up more stash!

That’s all for a lovely Wednesday night,


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An Experiment that Worked

This was an absolute beautiful day here in Ontario. The terrible humidity left, the temperatures dropped to 26C (78F) but with a cool enough wind to keep it very comfortable. This morning we decided to hit the fruit stands and get some locally grown fruit and veggies……it’s so nice living in a green belt with lots of local produce available. One of the fruit stands also sells home-baked goods and we treated ourselves to a loaf of home-made raisin bread – oh my, was it good. That and a salad was all we needed for lunch. We seldom ever buy home-made bread which is why it was such a treat.

Today’s card is another experiment that turned out.

I ran a piece of light blue cardstock through an embossing folder and glued it to the card base. The scallop circle was die cut with a Spellbinder’s die. The butterfly is a peel-off and it is one of the ones that comes clear and changes colour when you put it on dark paper….quite often green. I wondered what would happen on a medium coloured cardstock so I stuck on the die cut circle and loved it! The banner and bow are from a Little B die set called Party and then I added the peel-off sentiment. I had a few circles from another peel-off set that matched so I added three of them around the butterfly. It not overly embellished but I liked it that way and glad it turned out okay - some don’t!

That’s all for a lovely Tuesday,


Monday, July 20, 2015

Blistering Hot Weekend!

Blistering hot weekend! The temperature coupled with the humidity made it feel like a 104F yesterday, and almost that hot Saturday. We opted to leave the bikes parked for the weekend. Instead we drove to Port Stanley to see another play on Saturday and yesterday we headed up for a quiet day along the St. Clair River. Joe loves the lake freighters and I take pictures of them for him. Yesterday we saw three that he had never seen before so he was very happy. In case you live inland, here’s a photo of a lake freighter. They are HUGE!

Lots of pleasure boats on the river as well and I have this photo I took as my wall-paper photo on my computer.

Today’s weather is back to the normal temperature so that’s good. It’s catching up on the laundry (Joe does the washing, I hang them on the line) and generally taking it easy day.

Today’s card is one that really makes a statement. 

Love this Memory Box die! The red background paper had lots of texture in it – it reminded me of red leather so I thought perfect for a masculine card....but could be for anyone really. The black is the die cut piece and it’s just glued onto the red. The little bird was die cut and sponged with brown ink. It needed a wing which didn’t come with the die so I just hand-cut one, inked it the same way and glued it on. A quick card but very dramatic.

That’s all for a beautiful Monday,


Friday, July 17, 2015

Multiple Photos on One Layout

We’re having a heat wave here in Ontario…, humid and hazy! The temperature right now at 8:30 at night is 23C but feels like 34C (93F) and tomorrow will be even hotter. Joe finally convinced me to turn the A/C on. We haven’t used it much this year but it looks like it will be running for the next several days. Of course, these hot, humid days have a tendency to stir up thunderstorms so this is once again going to be a wet weekend.

Last Friday I posted a scrapbook page about the boys sword fighting – with foam swords of course – so I thought I’d post the opposite page this Friday.

Even though the pages are not a two-page layout, when I know pages are going to be opposite each other in the album I like to have them co-ordinate a bit – it’s likely a Virgo thing – we like everything to match! So the paper is from the same paper pack and cut and put together in the same manner. The top photo is me with the then four grandkids, the next two, me with a couple of them and then the last photo is my niece Paula who was sitting with a couple of the kids and we plunked the others down for a photo. As you can see my two oldest grandsons had lost interest in the photo as we gathered up the others. Paula had a 2 year old son when she gave birth to triplets – another son and identical twin girls – and they had come for my daughter’s baby shower (I think the triplets were almost 3 here). By the way, the triplets were a natural occurrence, no medical help at all getting pregnant. We have several sets of twins in both sides of our family (including my brother and sister and first cousins) and I found one set of triplets recorded from about 150 years ago.

The layout is pretty simple with one large photo top and bottom but off-set a bit with a computer generated journal tag in each corner with two cropped photos in the centre. I added some embellishments and the large black foam bracket and foam letters and it was done.
 Here are the two pages as they will appear in the album.

That’s all for a hot Friday, July-17-15

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stamping on Ribbon

The yard work is done for another few days and it’s looking good. We lost a few roses over the last couple of brutal winters and decided not to buy anymore…..until Joe found this one in the garden centre. It’s called Orange and Lemon and it truly is bright orange and lemon yellow. Gorgeous! We didn’t resist buying it for long.

The first picture is the rose just opening.

And this is what it looks like as it fades – still beautiful.

Today’s card is another dragonfly card.

This time I used Distress Inks to colour the background and then flipped water drops on it to create the blooms. Once it was very dry I stamped the dragonfly and then coloured it in with alcohol markers. I had a piece of very nice blue ribbon but I wanted dragonflies on it and wondered if I could stamp on ribbon. I wasn’t sure it was going to work or not so I tried it on a small piece of left over ribbon first – it worked. I found this little dragonfly stamp from HOTP and stamped it on the ribbon using Archival Ink. It just seemed to balance the card somehow. And of course I added a few sequins as well. This card would work well for many occasions.

That’s all for a beautiful sunny Thursday – more thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow though! We'll be grounded again so good job we got a long 25.4km bike ride in yesterday!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Playful Card

This is going to be a very busy day and night – quilt guild meeting – so I though I’d get an early posting in. Tomorrow will be the last nice day for a few days – more rain coming our way so tomorrow will be yard work day.

Today’s card was made with my new-to-me stamp from Close to My Heart. I bought several discontinued sets along with a couple new ones from the dealer and I do believe this one has been discontinued.

The canning jar was stamped on velum with the dark blue ink. The little butterflies and dragonflies and the hearts were part of the stamp set and were stamped on white cardstock. The velum lid and bottom were coloured lightly with alcohol markers and then glued to the stamped cardstock. It turns out that the glue runners from Dollarama do not show under velum – surprising but true. The white cardstock was carefully cut to match the velum. The yellow and blue papers were from my stash and they were glued to the card base. The decorative strip was made with a M.S. punch. I wanted the jar to look like the butterflies and dragonflies were flying around and moving it so I put it on an angle. The sentiment was also part of the set and the tag is a QuicKutz die. The fancy ribbon just added to the playful card. The top right needed a little something so I added a hand cut banner and a yellow gem. The blue banner, blue dragonfly and the blue ribbon form the invisible triangle which keeps the eye moving around the card.

That’s all for a sunny but cool Wednesday. It would be a nicer day if the wind wasn’t coming from the North. It’s a big drop in temperature from the weekend but that’s life in Ontario.


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