Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Calendar Card

The humid weather has left; the A/C is off and the windows open! Yesterday, in spite of the heat, we did another 27.4km on the bikes. By the time we got home and had a shower and a bite to eat (I love toasted tomato sandwiches; Joe does not) it was time for me to leave for the quilt guild meeting. I was way too tired to post anything by the time I got home. Tomorrow we are going to get the grandsons so posting will be a “maybe” for the next week depending on how tired I am keeping up with two active boys….they are well behaved but active!

Today is a card I made using a calendar picture instead of a stamped one. A friend of mine loves dachshunds and wanted to know if I could make her a few cards with them on. Here’s one of them.

This is my husband’s favourite dog too and he owned one years ago. Last year we found a small flip calendar with all dachshunds’ photos for each day. They were so cute I asked him to save the photos for me in case I needed them….and I did. I trimmed this photo down; leaving the white border and mounted it on the green and then on the polka dot cardstock which has the edges inked with a green Distress Ink. It was then all mounted on to the white card base. The sentiment was computer generated and cut into a banner shape and then glued to a piece of the left over green from behind the photo of the dog. She loved it! The inside says, “Wishing you better days ahead” so it can be used for many occasions.

I had to run a couple of errands and stopped at two of the thrift stores that I just happened to be driving by – nothing to report; except some over pricing. Someone in charge of pricing got carried away. They had a set of small stamps that came from the dollar store (I know this because I own them) and they were asking $7.99 for them! I couldn’t believe it. I would have pointed it out to them but no one was around and I was in a hurry. Gotta know your prices people!!!

I was also asked about Twinkling H2O’s. Yes, I have some that I bought years ago and I do use them occasionally. I read somewhere that they were no longer being manufactured but not sure if that is true or not. Apparently you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet!!! However, a great alternative (and much cheaper) is a set of Artist Loft’s Pearlescent water colour paints that are less then $10.00 if you have a coupon. These I use a lot!

That’s all for a cool Thursday,




Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Altered Butterfly Stamped Card

The predicted thunderstorm turned into a very short, mild shower this morning and blue skies returned but not it’s not quite as humid as the last few days. My husband’s cousin and wife stopped in this morning for coffee and a visit and brought the biggest head of cabbage I’ve ever seen along with beets, beans, and peppers; and a jar of his pickled beets and applesauce. So instead of playing in the studio today I spent a couple of hours this afternoon making cabbage rolls (with vegetarian ground round instead of hamburger of course); grated enough cabbage for two lots of cabbage soup; (gave half the cabbage to my neighbour) cooked and froze the beets and made more rice as I used all the frozen rice in the cabbage rolls. Whew! Tired now!

I had a question about the high water levels at Lake Erie which Rondeau Provincial Park borders on so here’s the explanation. The water levels in all of the 5 Great Lakes have been down considerably for several years which was causing quite a concern for the lake ships and those with docks. We used to walk our bikes on the beach around the bend at South Point Trail and we had at least 20 feet of sand from the shore to the water’s edge. Then we ended up getting more snow in the last two winters and more rain in the warmer months and now the levels are higher than ever….as you can see in the photo in yesterday’s posting. The lake ship owners and those who own boat docks are very happy. Unfortunately we have also had a lot of thunderstorms with strong winds and it is eating away at the shoreline. Nature will do as nature wants though.

Today’s card is one I made with the altered butterfly stamp from a retired Stampin’ Up set. Here is what the wooden stamp looked like (I found it on-line). The words made it only useful for a thank you card.

I didn’t like the words around it so I altered mine by cutting them off. Here’s how it stamps now.

See, no words left on so now I can use it for any type of card I want. Once I stamped the butterfly with black ink on white cardstock, I decided it needed a few more splats of black so I used another stamp and stamped a few more black spots. Then Distress Inks were rubbed around the area until I liked it. Then I stamped the fancy label box (sorry another thrift store find so no idea who made it but likely retired anyway), stamped the sentiment and sponged the same Distress Inks around them; cut it out and glued it to the panel. Once it was glued to the blue card base I added the little baker’s twine bow I had tied.

That’s all for a lovely Tuesday,







Monday, August 17, 2015

A One Layer Card Experiment

Whew! HOT! HOT! HOT! and add humid into the mix and we end up with temperatures around 100F. Hopefully the wicked heat will end tonight and it will be more comfortable – in the 80’s – for the next few days. Another thunderstorm predicted tonight. We had a doozy last Friday night. On Saturday, in spite of the heat, we did another 31.5km on the bikes at Rondeau and rode up to the end of South Point trail that has been washing away for the last couple of years. We cannot get around the curve to the back of the trail anymore at all….too many trees fallen down into the lake. Sad to see. Here’s what it looks like right now and there is another tree on the far left that is close to going into the lake as well.

Two years ago we could walk our bikes along the beach to the other trail but the water is too high and the beach is littered with fallen trees and limbs.

I did spend some time down in the lower studio and here’s one of the cards that I experimented with….and liked.

The Frugal Crafter (youtube) quite often makes single layer cards. Mine are normally many layers deep so I decided to make myself make a single layer card as well. This card started out as a white card base. First I stamped a flower stamp in yellow ink around the background; sometimes stamping twice before re-inking to get some variations in colour. Then I used a flower with some leaves doing the same thing and then some small flowers and a swirl. Once I liked the arrangements I sponged the same yellow ink all over the stamped images to recess them even more. Orange ink was sponged around the edges to define them.

Then I stamped the poppy stamps (Justrite) using the largest stamp on the bottom, smaller one on top and then the sentiment (from the same set) using black Archival ink. Once the ink was dry (minutes) I used Prismacolor pencils to colour the flowers a bit. I do like this card but I think I like the cards with lots of layers more.

One more thing before I go. I saw this on Facebook today and thought I’d share it.

 It says a lot and could refer to other hand-crafted items you make for others.
That’s all for a hot and humid Monday,








Friday, August 14, 2015

Short Hiatus - I'm back!!!!

It was a short hiatus and I’m back! There was a last minute change of plans and the boys are not coming until next weekend now….which turned out to be a blessing as Joe bent over the wrong way yesterday and tweaked his back. He hasn’t had back problems for a couple of years but there was no way he could keep up with those two boys this weekend the way he was feeling. Hopefully it will be healed by next weekend.

So, seeing as it is just life as normal (our normal that is) I figured I may as well start posting again. This is scrapbook layout Friday so I’m posting another layout that lies opposite the one I posted last week.

This is what I do when I have random photos of family members….not taken on the same day, but at least in the same year. The background was just plain beige and I wanted a little more interest on it so I sponged on some brown ink using various stencils….subtle, but there….and splattered on some ink as well. My granddaughter was being featured so I figured the guys could live with some pink and I used some pink as accents across the top and behind where Kadri’s photo was going to be. The butterflies were die cut with a Stampin’ Up thinlit die with some of the left over pink cardstock.

The photos were all mounted on brown cardstock. The journaling was computer generated and printed on white paper and then I used pink chalk to add some interest and this was glued to a brown background piece to match the photos. Some of the same pink cardstock as the accent pink was used to line the curved title and then cut around it leaving an edge.

Once the photos were glued into place I just added some flowers and buttons by Kadri, some washi tape here and there and a tag by the top right photo.

Here are the two pages side by side.

That’s all for a lovely Friday, August-14-15








Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On Hiatus

Okay, in all fairness to Microsoft Windows 10, it's not their fault my computer is not working properly. I say that because the other two laptops are working just fine on Windows 10 and Joe says they are even faster than before. If the fellow who doesn't like change, likes something, I'm impressed!

And, besides the computer problems, we are off to get two of our grandsons who will be staying with us for several days and I don't think I'll have much crafting or computer time with those two active boys. So, I think I'll be on hiatus for about a week. I'll be back so don't go far!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Computer Problems

I've having computer problems again tonight - thanks to Windows 10!.....and I cannot post a photo of the cards I want to share. I'll be back when my neighbour fixes the computer. Stay tuned, I should be back on-line tomorrow.


Friday, August 7, 2015

A Five Photo Layout

Yet another lovely day here in Ontario and the weekend looks the same…..for now anyway. Lots of rain expected for Monday so we are hoping it doesn’t arrive on Sunday instead. This was just grocery and errand day so not much to report. We have been just picking up our fruit and veggies at the fruit stands and popping into a grocery store for a few things to tide us over and the cupboards were getting a little bare. Time to stock up!

This is Friday so it’s a scrapbook layout day. Here’s a 5 photo layout.

Janette and Ross took Finn to my other daughter’s house for them to get to see him. They live over 6 hours apart.  The background is one 12x12 paper and the strips were added to the top to hold the title. The title was die cut with alphabet dies with each letter die cut twice – one in white, one in blue and then glued together but offside so the white looks like a shadow. This was a simple grid with the four outside photos being the same size, and the middle one longer with room for journaling below and above it. The edges of each photo was inked with black ink and then glued to a navy base, leaving just a hint of blue showing. The title letters were made from the left over blue cardstock. The stars, tags and other embellishments were die cut from cardstock using the colours from Finn’s hat and bib. A white gel pen was used to add dots and dashes to some of the embellishments.

That’s all for a Friday, August-07-15. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

An Old Stamp but Still a Good One

Grass cutting and gardening work done for the week! It’s a bit cool if you are sitting in the shade but working in the sun was very hot. I went out the front door which is shaded by two large trees and the wind is unrestricted and went back in and said to Joe, “It’s a bit cool today”. He went out the back door, totally fenced in yard so very little wind, and it has no shade at all and thought I was losing it!.....totally different temperatures. We ate lunch on the front porch and I needed a long sleeved shirt on…..but I’m always colder than he is.

Today’s card was made with one of the first stamps I ever bought and every once in awhile I pull it out and use it again.

This was made using one of the pre-embossed card panels that I picked up at the thrift store and was determined to use them up. The background was painted with splashes of water colour paint. Then water colour paint was splattered across the panel. The edges were rubbed with Distress Tumbled Glass ink. The bird was inked first with VersaMark; then black archival ink and then embossed with black embossing powder. Small coloured gems were placed here and there on the stamped image….it just needed some sparkle.  The sentiment was stamped in black ink. Once it was all dry it was glued to a beige card base.

That’s all for a cool or hot; shady or sunny; windy or not windy day – depending on where you are standing!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Swing Card

This is going to be a quick post because I’m tired and ready to flop out on the sofa with a book. We decided it was just too nice today to stick around the house so we had a BBQ lunch with my sister and then hit the trails at Rondeau and did 28.4km on the bikes. It was a beautiful day with a refreshing breeze blowing but let me tell you, riding a bike in the sun and wind for 28.4 km leaves one tired!

So, today’s card is another one I made with the swing die from Stampin’ UP.

This is the card closed. I like to cut a strip of paper about 1” wide to wrap around the closed card to keep it closed. I lay the strip down, lay the card on top, not in the centre, and fold in the edges and glue together where they meet, usually just off the centre, and then add an embellishment to hide the closing spot. This time I die cut a butterfly (Memory Box die) in white and then the overlay in the same purple as the strip and the label above. The sentiment is a peel-off.

Here is the inside of the card.

I used the same designer paper (sorry from my stash so no idea who made it) and added a greeting to the label. I like to use the method that extends the card so you have a place to write a personal greeting so that panel was left white with the edges inked in the same purple ink.

Then I decided it needed something else so I glued on that Happy Birthday ribbon all the way around it. It just broke up the pattern just enough.

That’s all for a lovely Wednesday evening,


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Negative Peel-Off Card

Blue skies, nothing but blue skies…….well, except for the storm clouds that came and went about 2:00 without leaving any rain behind…and then back to blue skies, nothing but blue skies….man, I love these summer days. Some place east of us must have gotten a good soaking this afternoon but nothing here. Today was a little more productive than yesterday. I didn’t sleep well Sunday night with all the thunderstorms coming through every hour and waking me up…..I can’t believe Joe can sleep through them, but he does. I attempted to make four new greeting cards yesterday and I only like one of them. The others are just in the “okay” category but I expect more than that. Joe says I’m “highly critical” of my own work and he’s probably right. Last night I gave up on the card making and decided to paint the milk can that has been sitting in the corner for over a year. Here’s the first one I did a few years ago for someone else. The painting is of the original Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia from about 1960 or so. I found a post card from that era and used that as a guide. It's what he wanted so that's what he got. That area sure has changed now!

After we went to the fruit stand for our supply of fruits and veggies I went back to the painting of the milk can. It’s coming but a long way from being done.

Today’s card is one I made quite awhile ago and forgot to post.

The car is a peel-off, aka a Dazzle, from Paper Wishes and it is the negative part of the peel-off. To use the negative piece you have to cut around it leaving about a 1/8” border; then you put the transfer sheet over it; rub to adhere; and peel it off the sheet it comes on. Once it was peeled off it was set on a piece of brown paper and then I cut around the edges. The light brown paper was die cut using a Spellbinder’s die and to make the edges more pronounced I ran a gold pen around the edge creating a border. It was placed over the charcoal paper and the car was then glued to the insert. This panel was then glued to the brown striped panel and then glued to the black card base. Lots of layers on this one. The three little embellishments came with the Dazzle sheet. The sentiment is also a peel-off but I’m not sure which company it came from.

That’s all for a lovely Tuesday,


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