Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Sad Heart

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post tonight. A lone, evil person shot and killed a young soldier standing guard at the War Memorial in Ottawa and then hi-jacked a car and drove it into our Parliament building and started firing again. Luckily he didn’t kill anyone else there. He was shot and killed…one more evil person gone to the devil….but my heart breaks for the family and friends of the soldier killed. One of my daughters and her husband both work for the federal government but I’m happy to report that are both safe.

I wasn’t going to post anything today; however, we will never let evil rule our lives and our lives must go on so I’m posting some cards today.

I picked up a package of mixed crafting supplies at the thrift store several months ago and inside were a set of what I thought were small blank cards and envelopes in cream. Turns out the cards were the kind that brides use to print the RSVP on for people to send back so they were single pieces of embossed cardstock, not cards. Every once in awhile I would pick them up and think, I should do something with these but didn’t know what to do with them….other than move them from place to place. If I attached them to regular cards then they wouldn’t fit into the envelopes and there was no way to just add a piece to the back to make into a card because, well, that would be down right tacky looking. So, I decided the other day to stop moving them and to use the fronts and figure out what to do with the envelopes later…maybe I’ll make some smaller thank you cards or shower gift cards. Anyway, here are three cards I made with them.

The cardstock came with that embossed area about ½” in on all four sides.  I stamped and embossed the butterfly right in the middle and coloured one with alcohol markers, one with water colour pencils and one with water colour paint. Why you ask? Just felt like using all three to see which one I liked the best. I liked them all so not a huge difference….but they were all three a little dull looking so I used Distress Ink Mustard Seed and rubbed it over the top. It’s amazing how Mustard Seed brightens the colours but doesn’t turn it all completely yellow. 

Once everything was dry I took my plastic sheet and rubbed some distress inks onto it and spritzed them with water. I like to rub my finger through each colour to make sure there are no hard lines…but don’t mix the colours up or you get mud. Then I just laid the stamped piece into the distress inks, trying to avoid the butterfly, lifted them up and dried them. If they needed more colour, I just cleaned the plastic and started all over again until I liked it. For the areas close to the butterfly I used a paint brush and left over ink on the plastic to fill in that area and any other area that was missed.

For one I tied some bakers twine around it before gluing it to a card base and for the other two I added some washi tape. The sentiments are stickers but not sure if they are Dazzles from Paper Wishes or other brands.

That’s all for a sad Wednesday,


Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy Day Today

What a busy day this was! Today was the first day I’ve left the house since the quilt guild meeting last Wednesday. The weather turned cold and windy on Thursday which triggers off my brain disorders (trigeminal neuralgia and hemi-facial paralysis….don’t feel bad if you don’t know about them as they are both quite rare…rare to have one and even rarer to have both…lucky me, right!). So I’ve been quilting like crazy for the last few days and got lots done…with lots more to go! The brain disorders not only cause pain but they also affect my speech in various ways. Yesterday was another “add 20 or 30 syllables” to the end of every third or fourth word and I absolutely do not leave the house when I speak like that….people would think I was high on something and I don’t take even pain pills, but they wouldn’t know that. I also don’t leave the house if I’m speaking as if I’m impaired….and I’m a total abstainer from all alcohol and wine….or if I’m speaking slow and mispronouncing some words as this makes me sound…well, a little slow shall we say.

This morning I was speaking just fine and we decided to get groceries and run some errands and as soon as I stepped outside into the cool wind I started speaking with a southern accent…..Joe kind of likes that one! Apparently sometimes I have an English accent and some days a Chinese accent. Joe just shakes his head and says, “Never a dull moment with you dear!” Needless to say, we seldom every buy tickets for anything in advance! We all have our cross to bear and mine is much smaller than some peoples. This was proven to me again this afternoon when I went down to do some visits at the nursing home. Some of the residents are sad to visit with; some are a pleasure to visit. So if you are having a bad day, remember that it could always be worse! So, busy day for sure. Now it's back to quilting.

Today’s cards were so much fun to do. Flu season is here already so it’s nice to have some Get Well cards on hand.

I made this one first using paper from the stash and a bow from the now closed shoe factory. I added a piece of the same paper to the inside so it wouldn’t be just plain white. The cards came shaped from Michaels. All dies are from Spellbinders. I liked this one so much I decided to make a brown one as well.

 This bow was tied on my home-made bow maker but other than that it was made just like the blue one. I love it when I have ribbon that matches paper in the stash.

That’s all for a windy dull Monday.


Friday, October 17, 2014

It's the Big One!

Another Friday….another dreary overcast day with more rain expected….and a rainy weekend is ahead of us as well. I miss summer already! Good job I have just a few indoor hobbies to keep me busy. I’ve been quilting up a storm and I’ll post some pictures soon of what I’ve created from my over-flowing fabric stash…some large pieces, some small but all still good fabric that are being made into quilts.

The big one in the title refers to what I see when I look at this card.

The image was coloured with Prismacolor pencils. The fish was found on the Microsoft clip art page and I sized it on Word, copied it six times and printed them out on a piece of 4x6 photo paper so it is shiny. I printed off six because I figured I would use them all eventually. I just fussy cut around it and attached it with some dimensional glue dots. To make the circle frame I just set two circle dies (Spellbinders) together and ran them through the Big Shot. Once everything was glued down I used a black pen with a small tip to extend the fishing line to the fish. The corner treatments and the sentiment are stickers (Dazzles) from Paper Wishes. The blue paper is from my stash.

That’s all for a Friday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Poppy Card

Last night was our monthly quilt guild meeting and it was an excellent program. We have a talented group of ladies here who love to appliqué on their quilts and they showcased some of their work and talked about their group, The Appliqué Addicts, which is aptly named. I seldom do any hand appliqué work but may do a little more this winter, but nothing in comparison to what they do.

It seems I had a negative comment on my last post from one of Stamping Bella’s card designers, Dana. Well sorry you only read the negatives Dana and missed the part where I mentioned that I have ordered tons of Stamping Bella stamps in the past (when she was a Canadian company), love them, and will continue to use them but I just cannot afford to order on-line from American Companies, not just Stamping Bella, but any American company. I can read and add just fine and I it is easy to add up the cost of the stamp itself (which is reasonable) add on the expensive shipping and I know I have to pay the duty and therefore I don’t have to actually order something to find out the cost – I know it is not in my budget to order on line.

Speaking of Stamping Bella, here is a card from another one of her stamps.

This one is coloured with both alcohol markers and Prismacolor pencils. The dies are Spellbinders and the paper is from my stash. I wanted something along the bottom that would add some texture but not distract from the image so I punched out the butterfly border twice, once in white and once in the green floral pattern and then glued the green butterflies into the white negative space. Then I coloured in the red flowers to match the poppies. The seam where the two papers meet was covered with a gold line sticker (Dazzle) from Paper Wishes…bought back when they had free shipping to Canada! I don’t order from them anymore either!....just saying. However, I just learned of a source for some of their products in Chatham (Commercial Copy Centre) so I may stop in and see exactly what they carry.

That’s all for a rainy Thursday,…..yes, rain again but very mild with temperatures in the mid 60’s and heavy fog in the mornings. Odd, odd weather for October.


Monday, October 13, 2014

A Ship Card

It was a very cool Thanksgiving weekend this year. Some years it’s so hot everyone wears shorts and T-shirts but there was a very cold wind blowing this year. We did get a nice long walk in at Point Pelee on Saturday and a shorter one at Rondeau on Sunday. I didn’t think I’d be leaving the house on Sunday but by noon I felt better and decided to head out to Rondeau for some fresh air – and I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone….yeah, speech has been bad this week and continues today! I called my sister-in-law to wish her Happy Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving came out with about 30 or 40 extra syllables in it. We got a good laugh over that one. Darn old brain disorders! Oh well, at least I’m still here!

Update on the Stamping Bella saga – she did honour the $70.00 credit I had so I ordered some stamps to use it up but of course I have to pay the duty. According to her FB posting she is surprised and upset over the Canadian customer’s reaction to her new rules. Really? Let’s see, you started out as a Canadian company, shipping from Canada with reasonable shipping costs to being an American company …not that there’s anything wrong with that in itself….but your American customers get shipping as low as $6.99 and free shipping with orders over $50.00. Canadians are now lumped in with “International” customers with whopping shipping costs, plus we pay the duty now, plus we have to have a $100.00 order to get free shipping. And she is surprised we are upset!!! Hoo boy! I checked some other American stamp companies and most of them have Canada at slightly higher shipping costs then domestic, which makes sense, but none of them have us lumped with International. Oh well, I wish her well but she certainly lost me as a customer….and several others according to the posting. You will still see me using her stamps by the way, but what I have now and what I’ve just ordered will be it.

So, enough about that.  Today’s card is a thinking of you card for a man. It could be for someone who is going through some hard times, like a job loss, or for someone ill because the inside says, “Wishing you better days ahead”.

 This ship image was on the internet and it was a freebee. It was printed on cardstock and sponged with various Distress inks and then a silver glitz pen from Sakura was run over the sails in a few places. All dies are Spellbinders. The sentiment, corner treatments and silver strip are Dazzles from Paper Wishes. Paper is from the stash. By putting a black sentiment plus two black corner treatments, it creates the good old invisible triangle which keeps the eye moving within the card.

That’s all for a wet Monday, October-13-14…..and the start of a wet week ahead!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Long Weekend Ahead

Another Friday has rolled around and this one is the start to our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. I don’t think we’re going anywhere this year. We normally visit one of the daughters but one of our grandsons had the stomach flu earlier in the week which means one of the parents could be catching it this weekend…..and we are avoiding anyone and any place that is sick. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to get a nice long hike in somewhere. Last Thanksgiving it was so warm we went for a bike ride but not sure about doing that this year. They are calling for even more rain starting Sunday so it may be crafty days at home. My sister has her roof on now so no more leaks so that’s good!

Seeing as this is Friday I have another Stamping Bella card to share based on her weekly challenge, which was a sketch. Sad news for Canadian supporters of Stamping Bella though. She just released her new website and new stamps – but she is now shipping from the United States and is in fact considered an American company and no longer a Canadian company…….which means we Canadians customers get smacked with double shipping costs and we have to pay the duty. Can you say “Goodbye Stamping Bella!” She is going to honour the credit I have so I’ll use that up but there will be no more Bella stamps bought after that and I’ll no longer contribute to her weekly challenges. Sorry Stamping Bella but goodbye!

So here is the last challenge card:

Pretty self explanatory really. The image was coloured with Prismacolor pencils and die cut using the Spellbinder’s deckle edge die. The pink strip is a ribbon and the next one is paper. I put silver strips on the edges (Dazzles from Paper Wishes). The sentiment is a stamp. Once I die cut the label I glued it to the pink paper and cut around it leaving an edge. The little flowers and the scroll at the top of the ribbon are also Dazzle stickers. Not sure if you can see it in the photo but I added mica powder, similar to Wink of Stella, on the presents and her dress to give it some sparkle.

So, Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my Canadian readers and just happy weekend to all the others.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Thank You! Thank You Verra Much"

 Who said "Thank you verra much" all the time - find out at the end of the post.

Well I spent the day working on my grandson’s Halloween costume. This kid never seems to pick a costume that there is a pattern for! I thought this time he did but once again, I was wrong. He just wanted a large, loosely fitting red coat with a hood and a symbol of a comic book hero on the back. I found a pattern that I thought was pretty close to what he wanted and cut it out. Hmmm. First problem….why am I putting both the back and the front on the fold? Then I read the instructions – which I seldom use by the way – oh, oh, this is not a coat it is more like a monk’s dress and the neck line is gathered to fit over the kid’s head. This is not what his action hero wears so this has to change.  Okay so I cut the front open. Okay, then I had to figure out how to gather the neckline still and add a closure. Oh, oh! another problem: The hood actually belongs to this little cape like thing that went over the other part, and not attached to what I just cut out. I’ll worry about attaching that later. This went on and on all day. I would figure out one problem and it would create another. One thing I am, is stubborn and I hate to give up on something so I kept at it….and it is all done except the bottom and sleeve hems and sewing on the buttons. I’ll do that tomorrow….I need to step away from it for awhile. I thought this project would be done in an afternoon – HAH!

My spell and grammar check needs an upgrade. It tried to change “why am I” to “why is I” and “I need to step away” to “I needs to step away”. Why is I???? Hoo boy, that’s the way my day has gone!

Today I’m posting two cards with the same image but different backgrounds. I found this Elvis silhouette on the Internet and decided to use it in a thank you card. I’m a BIG, BIG, BIG Elvis fan so I just couldn’t resist.

These were printed out on my ink jet printer so I just sponged Distress Ink Mustard seed around the image and then the blue around the edge while the image was still in the Spellbinder rectangle die – this leaves that nice white border. They were then glued to another rectangle.  For the first card I took one patterned paper and one sold blue joined them together and then cut them down to card size. The silver lines are Dazzles (stickers from Paper Wishes) and so is the sentiment. I decided to put the sentiment on an angle to offset the microphone….besides it looked kind of funky. 

For the second card I used the rest of that patterned paper, plus a strip and a circle that were left over from other cards and another sentiment but this time I put it on almost straight. I think I like the slanted one better but oh well. The inside of the card will say, “Thank you! Thank you verra much!” which is what Elvis used to drawl after the applause. Only a die hard Elvis fan will get this but oh well, I like them.

That is all for a Thursday,


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blown Away and Fixing a Ooops

So windy today I could hardly walk forward at times. The wind was too cold for me to go for a walk so we decided to run a few errands so I could just go quickly from the car into a store…..forgot about the wind being even stronger out near the edge of town. Joe was laughing at me trying to walk straight against the wind. One lady was coming out of the grocery store as we were going in and the large plastic top from her pie went flying by us. A couple of guys tried to get it for her but to no avail. At least it didn’t rain. My sister is having major roof leaks and the roofer doesn’t come until tomorrow.

We wanted to run errands but had to just go where I didn’t have to talk as my speech is still just so-so. One of the stops was to the church to get the newsletters for the shut-ins I visit at a nearby nursing home. Joe had me try to say newsletters at home and that didn’t come out right so luckily the secretary had a couple of other parishioners in visiting and she knew what I was after so I just waved to them all and went and got them. Whew!....didn’t have to talk.

Yesterday I posted a get well card using a Mouse House stamp from Penny Black. Well, I stamped it twice because the first time one of the mice didn’t stamp. I hated to waste the paper so I coloured up just the one mouse and made this card with it.

Once the mouse was coloured I cut around it leaving just a bit of an edge. I also coloured and cut out the pill  that the other mouse had. The background paper is all from the stash and I just made a brown card base. The fancy square was made using a Spellbinder’s die. The mouse is attached with dimensional glue dots and then the pill was attached with one as well. Once again the ice cube was coated with Glossy Accents to make it look wet. The banner was hand cut and inked with brown in same as the yellow floral piece. I hate white edges so I pretty much always ink the edges.

Tonight I still wasn’t feeling all that great so instead of finishing my grandson’s Halloween costume I just sat and watched the first hockey game of the year. Unfortunately my Toronto Maple Leafs lost with less than a minute to go...... Gonna be another long year for my Leafs I’m afraid!

That’s all for a Wednesday,


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sick Mouse Card

Pretty wet and cold day here in Ontario so not much happening for us. We had friends over for coffee and a lot of laughs this morning and I quilted this afternoon and after supper I cut out my grandson’s costume. So with no funny stories to share, this is going to be a quick post.

Today’s card is another Get Well Card made from a Penny Black stamp. I don’t have many of their stamps but I enjoy the ones I do have.

I haven’t coloured this one up in awhile so I decided to try my alcohol pens out on it. Turned out okay, but just okay. The ice cube looks wet because after it was dry I added a coat of Glossy Accents and then drew in some light blue lines while wet. The sick mouse’s face is a little redder than I wanted but once you put those pens to paper, they are there! Oh well, so he has a bad fever!

That’s all for a wet Monday,


Monday, October 6, 2014

Well I’m sure glad that last weekend is behind us…..sunnier days ahead….ooops, wrong, more rain tomorrow….so healthier days ahead will have to do. The above average temperatures decided to drop to below normal on Saturday and brought lots of rain with it. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I have two rare brain disorders and they do not like abrupt temperature or atmospheric pressure change. Saturday was just an okay day but Sunday morning I woke up with a full blown attack of trigeminal neuralgia. Groan. Because of the pending bad weather we had no plans except to go to church and out for lunch afterwards but that sure didn’t happen! I was talking like someone who was recovering from a stroke – hard to get words from the brain to leave the mouth…and understandable. Needless to say it was a quiet day around here Sunday. Joe of course just gave me a hug Sunday morning and said, “Don’t worry about dear. Your speech will come back later today”. Well, it did improve some during the day, but not much. He is my rock that’s for sure. However, I never worry about bad days because bad days are temporary and good days are so much better than bad days I prefer to think about them instead of wallowing in self pity.

 Sure enough, today started out with much less pain and I could speak again and there was no rain this morning so we went for an hour and half walk. It sure felt good to get out of the house! It was pouring rain again just after supper and more coming tomorrow so I won’t be going far tomorrow either. But that’s okay, I have many, many quilts on the go that need to get finished.

Last year when I was having a bad day I created an art journal page. I did post it but I'm posting it again as a reminder. This was such a fun page to make.

Today’s card is one that I would like to receive if someone was sending me a card. Yeah, I like it that much.

I took some scraps of paper that went together and cut banners in various sizes and inked the edges. Then a large piece of pink paper was glued to the blue paper and the banners were glued to the crease. Then the brown and pink (I love brown and pink together) was placed over the ends of the banner. The sentiment is a sticker. This is why I don’t throw out small bits of paper! I love using them up in various ways.

That’s all for a Monday, October-06-14.


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