Friday, November 21, 2014

Another Card Challenge Done!

Bright and sunny today but still cold. Not much to report as far as news goes as it has been too cold and slippery for me to be out and about unless I had to….like running an errand this afternoon for my sister-in-law who cannot drive. I didn’t mind as it got me out of the house for a bit. I made a quick stop at the thrift store and picked up a couple packages of craft supplies….I know, I know, I don’t need them but when I see two Stampin’ Up ink pads plus about 8 mini pads for $3.00, I’m getting them!

This week I got a card made for the challenge over at: which was to make a card using their colour swatch of blues and pink. Here’s mine:

This is a Magnolia image coloured with my Prismacolor pencils and blended with gamsol. The background paper wasn’t with my Christmas stash but was part of another thrift store haul from awhile back. It just matched the coloured image perfectly. The ribbon was from the now closed shoe factory outlet. I just untied some of the bows and ironed them flat so I would have both ribbon and bows. Spellbinder dies were used for cutting the cardstock. The snowflakes were some I had on hand and are both punched and die cut. I just sit sometimes and punch or die cut a bunch of them to use up bits of white cardstock and store them away until I need them. The little pink pearls came from a sheet of various coloured pearls from the dollar store.

That’s all for a Friday. Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Change of Pace

Still cold and still some flurries coming down but nothing like Buffalo N.Y. area – over 5’ of snow and they expect another 3’. Some people have not had their streets plowed out since Monday night and with over 5’ of snow on them, it’s going to take awhile to get them all done. Our furnace started getting noisier so I called the repair company and they came today – the motor they replaced last year failed but was under warranty! Thank goodness for that and thank goodness I called before it died completely. This is no time of the year to have no furnace.

Today’s card is a change of pace from Christmas cards to a birthday card I made from left over paper.

I was cleaning up my work table and picked up this piece of black cardstock that I had die cut the middle out of for another project. It was already embossed around the edges of the cut out part. Mmmhhh I thought. What can I do with this? Well, the first thing I did was die cut that bright yellow using the same die and placing it in the negative space, taping it at the back to keep it in place. Then I spotted some of that gorgeous bright and cheery striped paper and decided to use it behind the cut out area. First I stamped the sentiment of course in case I screwed up doing that….hey, it happens people! It needed something else and I had a tiny bit of the striped paper left over so I die cut a piece of it and the bright yellow with a Memory Box butterfly die. I love that that die comes with the body and antennae for the butterfly. I glued the striped butterfly on top of the plain one, just in the middle so the yellow just peaks out and the top wings are free. Then I glued the entire thing to the light turquoise card base.

That’s all for a Thursday,


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Double Embossed Card

We are in the middle of a major winter snow storm. So major in fact that I decided the streets were too slippery for me to go out to the annual Christmas potluck for the quilt guild. (Insert big sigh here) There is a stop sign on our front lawn and all afternoon I saw cars hit the brakes and slide into the intersection and the police were asking people to stay off the roads so I followed their advice…..not happy about it but not worth getting into an accident either.

Someone posted this on Facebook yesterday and I just had to share it here.
         This is the coldest November in 38 years and it’s just past half way!

Today’s card is a sample of double embossing……and it’s the end of the blue and silver cards.

I had one piece of the shiny blue paper left over so I ran it through one of the Spellbinder’s fancy rectangle dies and then wondered what the heck I was going to do with it. As I was flipping through my dies and small embossing folders I found this Tim Holtz deer die…it, and another small folder, came with a large folder I bought last year at the Paper Pickle and I don’t think I’ve ever used it…or not often anyway. So, I wondered what would happen if I positioned the folder so it would emboss just one side of the already embossed rectangle. I thought it might flatten out the rectangle but as you can see, it did not. Okay, what next. Honestly this is how I make cards. I seldom ever have a plan in place when I start. Well I thought that pretty paper from Paper Wishes would go nice with it but it’s so thin I figured it would crack if I embossed it. So, I glued it to a piece of white scratch paper with a glue stick and then embossed it and it turned out lovely. The paper has a white background so I ran the sanding block lightly over the tops of the snowflakes to reveal some white.

Okay what next. The blue rectangle on the blue paper just didn’t work. It needed something else between them so I pulled out another Spellbinder fancy rectangle and die cut and embossed a piece of white cardstock. Blah! However, a glue stick run over the edges and clear glitter sprinkled on made all the difference in the world. I liked so nice I glittered up the snowflakes too and added them with dimensional glue dots. The sentiment label is a pretty silver colour even though it looks dark in the photo. The sentiment itself started out silver but I knew it wouldn’t show up on a silver label so I cut it out of the strip and stamped alcohol ink on it to turn it blue. That worked and I called it done!

That’s all on a Wednesday from the frozen north.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brrrrrrr.....and a card!

Brrrrrrrrr. The weather forecast was correct. Holycamoly is it ever cold here in Ontario….and all over North America according to what Joe read – even Florida and Hawaii were cold….of course everything is relative and being cold in Florida and Hawaii would be welcome weather here in Ontario in November. I noticed that our mail carrier had been at the door – one good thing about snow is you can see footprints easily – and I wasn’t sure I wanted to even open the door long enough to get the mail but finally did and so glad I did because I had received another prize I won. My blogging friend, Deb, over at, had made a beaded spider and just by posting a comment on her blog, I happened to win it. Now I HATE real spiders but this one is lovely. I made the mistake of mentioning to Joe that I had to decide where to display it. Of course, Joe the jokester started looking up at the ceiling in the corners...ha ha Joe! He says spider always love to be in the corner of the ceilings so he was picking the right corner……You’re not funny Joe, not the least bit funny! Needless to say, I picked the display area!

Today I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that’s for sure. First of all I slept for a solid one hour and 15 minutes last night, woke up fully refreshed and thought it was morning – it was 12:45 am. Aaaggghhh! You know what happens next –toss, turn, toss, turn, look at the clock; toss, turn, toss, turn, look at the clock; over and over and over….that’s what I’m blaming my bad judgement day on anyway. First I miscalculated the amount of fabric I needed to complete the backing for a quilt…the measure twice, cut once rule was forgotten to be applied so I had to cut another strip of fabric….sewed it on the wrong side instead of the right side (both right and wrong side of the fabric was identical though so I’m using that as an excuse) so I had to pick out all the stitching and re-stitch it! I don’t have time for this people!!! I’m on a deadline here!!! Christmas will be here before I know it and I have one out of 11 quilts completed. Joe just shakes his head and says I bring this all on myself by deciding these huge projects at the last minute…he’s right of course, but it doesn’t help get the quilts done.

But in the evening I quite often quit quilting and go make some cards or do some scrapbooking so I have another new blue and silver card to share.

I had this long wide piece of shiny blue paper left over so I notched the ends, ran it through the Cuttlebug snowflake embossing folder, mounted it on silver cardstocks (cut out the middle part of course) and glued it to the blue paper. The snowflakes were all die cut using various dies and left over paper. The large snowflake has a piece of the silver cardstock behind it so the middle reflects the silver. Tiny silver, with a touch of darker blue, snowflakes were placed in the middle of the large and the two smaller snowflakes. The snowflakes are all popped up with dimensional glue dots. The small banner was hand cut from left over paper and the sentiment is a peel-off.

That’s all for a bitter cold Tuesday.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Star War Fans

Cold…..and getting colder by the minute! We had another couple of inches of snow starting last night and off and on all day today. However, this morning we bundled up and went for our walk downtown and back and it was really nice getting some fresh air. Unfortunately yesterday my speech was in the “don’t even leave the house” mode so I was grounded. No walk tomorrow though as they are calling for temperatures about -9C (15F) with winds gusting up to 65km an hour. Yikes! Another quilting day for me coming up!

I almost forgot to post these tonight. So, just to break up the string of blue and silver Christmas cards I thought I’d post a scrapbook layout for a change of pace. There will be a few more Christmas cards coming; some of the blue and silver and others as well, but I don’t have them photographed yet.

Two of my grandsons are BIG Star Wars fans so when there was a show of some kind coming to where they live their parents bought tickets for them to attend….and of course, they wore the Star Wars costumes I made for them. This was a pretty simple layout to create. I cut the yellow background paper into 3” strips and then added another blotchy paper between them behind the photos. I wanted the paler and brighter background because the photos were rather dark. Then I added the wine strips to the top, scallops to the bottom. This grounds the photos so they don’t appear to be floating. The title started out as either bright blue or hot pink (glittered too) but I just added Alcohol ink to them to get the colour I wanted and the glitter gives them some extra dimension. The little stars were die cut with a Cuttlebug die and the brackets on both sides of the small picture in the top left are from a Sizzix die. The Star War stickers are just that – stickers I found at the dollar store.

Here are the pages on their own for a closer look.

That’s all for a cold Monday night!

Friday, November 14, 2014

More Blue and Silver

Another busy day today but not very much accomplished on the quilting. Joe’s cousin and his wife stopped in for a visit this morning…always a good visit and lots of laughs with them; groceries and a couple errands done this afternoon; and a little bit of quilting. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, Joe at 6:45 and neither one of us could get back to sleep so we got up early….an early start and still didn’t get anything extra done. If I didn’t start to read my book while having a second coffee I suppose I would get more accomplished but reading is so relaxing.

We are in for some more cold and snowy weather which inspires the making Christmas cards for sure. Here is another blue and silver one.

This time I cut the blue cardstock with a smaller Sizzix ornament die; then cut just the silver strips and glued them on. After I had the silver tops glued on I decided they looked blah so I ran them through the Swiss Dot embossing folder leaving the silver tops hanging out the edge so it wouldn’t emboss them. Then I very lightly ran silver ink over the top just touching the tops of the embossed dots. The white piece of cardstock was then run through the Cuttlebug snowflake embossing folder and the edges were inked with a matching blue ink and just touched a few of the snowflakes, but not all of them. The background paper came from Paper Wishes and I die cut out the centre of it to use to hold the sentiment on the inside. Last year when I ordered some things from Paper Wishes they had a bundle of about 25 sheets of this pretty blue paper for a dollar or two so I bought a bundle…it’s just paper, not cardstock but I love the colour of it. The ornaments are attached with dimensional glue dots and the silver cords are peel-offs (Dazzles) from Paper Wishes. The sentiment, which is silver although it looks gold in the photo, is another peel-off. The label was die cut and while it was in the die I used a Q-tip to add the blue to the embossed parts. I still have some  blue cardstock left over so come back next week for more cards.

That’s all for a cold Friday, November-14-14


Thursday, November 13, 2014

First Snowfall and a Christmas Card

Yes, we woke up to snow falling today. This picture is just a bit of the corner of my garden by the shed. There are still some roses blooming in some spots as well even though I quit dead-heading them the last week of August hoping they would form the rosehips and get ready for winter. The fall was too hot for them to prepare properly so we will likely lose a few again.

In spite of the fact that Joe absolutely hates winter and snow we walked downtown again this morning…just our usual walk to the library and through the mall and then back home. After lunch I was just heading for the sewing room to tackle the very large quilt that does not want to fit into my small sewing machine when he reminded me that this was flu clinic day at the old CAW hall which is about 1 ½ blocks from our house. So we walked down; waited in line for about an hour; got our flu shots and got home just in time for coffee break!! It’s been a busy day and yet I feel like I have nothing accomplished because I haven’t set foot in either studio yet!

Oh, and another surprise this morning – the mail delivered my winnings from Tim Holtz's blog and I was sent quite a few pieces of his fabric line – not enough for a quilt but enough to add some texture and interest to some mixed media and cards. Nice!

Last night I decided to make some cards while waiting for the hockey game to start and chose to make one for the challenge over at: which was to make a Christmas card using only silver/blue/grey. Here’s what I came up with.

I started out die cutting that large ornament using a Sizzix die. The picture shows lines embossed on the ornament but mine came out flat…which I found rather boring. So I placed it on my Score-Pal and scored my own lines….still boring, better but still boring. So I thought, “I wonder if I can die cut something in the middle to look like a fancy ornament?” (Its only paper people, feel free to experiment) So, I pulled out a Spellbinder die and ran it on top of the die cut ornament through the Big Shot and then placed that shiny silver paper behind it and YES! I loved it. The first background paper is some already embossed paper from Paper Wishes that I have had for years and I keep forgetting about it. So I ran some light blue ink around the edges and just a bit into the centre but keeping the centre very light. This was then glued to a piece of plain but pretty shiny blue paper. The hook that holds the ornament was die cut from a small Sizzix flourish die and I just cut off one part. The blue banner was hand cut from a left over piece of the last background paper and I added the silver sentiment which is a peel-off. Funny thing is the top part of the ornament and the hook were both die cut from the same piece of silver but they look totally different – likely the lighting when taking the photo.

So, one more Christmas card done. I liked the look of this so much and I still had some of the papers left over so I decided instead of putting them away, to make more silver and blue cards….so stay tuned!

That’s all for a snowy Thursday,


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Get Well Cards

We have been spoiled by having several nice fall days in a row in October and November, but then it turns cold again, like today, and it’s a rude reminder that winter is around the corner. Yesterday we walked down to the cenotaph for the Remembrance Day service but today neither one of felt like going out at all….so we didn’t….the joys of being retired. My sister came for lunch today. She had an appointment just after 12:00 so we were eating early and we just turned the oven off and plated lunch up when the lights went out….no idea why but they didn’t come back on until about 15 minutes later….glad lunch was ready though other wise I guess it would have been a sandwich lunch for her!

After she left and we cleaned up I did the only part of quilting I don’t like…..pinning all the layers together. I don’t have a table so I have to tape it to the basement cement floor and sit and pin it together….so hard on my bad back and knee…but one is ready to quilt….which brought on another problem. I don’t usually do large quilts but this year I did and it is such a struggle getting a full size quilt stuffed into the sewing machine to get it quilted. I got so frustrated I called our local Baby Lock rep to see what a sewing machine with a wider throat plate would cost ……aaaagghhhhh…..over $3,000. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANY TIME SOON! So, I guess I’ll just push and shove and mutter to get them quilted.

Today I thought I would post a couple of cards with the same image, but in different layout colours.

Its flu season so I thought I’d get some more Get Well Soon cards done up. Love this image. They were coloured with my alcohol markers and die cut with a Spellbinder’s die. The backgrounds for both are from the stash as is that loopy border....another reason I don't throw little left over bits out! The sentiments were computer printed and then I cut them into the banner shape and glued them to left over bits of cardstock that was used on the top of the card.

That’s all for a Wednesday. My Toronto Maple Leafs are on tonight so I just might sit and colour up so more cards as I watch the game.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lest We Forget

Today was Remembrance Day here in Canada and Joe and I attended the ceremony at the cenotaph. There was a very large crowd there this year which was so good to see. We cannot let the fallen soldiers think we have forgotten them.
So there is no post today of any crafted item except the wall plaque I painted last year for Remembrance Day. I painted this in memory of my mother's youngest brother who died in action  in WWII just before the war ended. He was only 23 years old. Cpl. Frank Harvey Willett. May he rest in peace.
My brother Frank, his namesake, inherited these medals and his family had them professionally mounted for him.
Here is the poppy plaque.
Lest we forget  indeed.



Monday, November 10, 2014

Water Coloured Background Cards

Well this was an interesting day. First thing this morning my weirdly wired brain decided to add a dozen or twenty syllables to the end of every other word….which puts me in the “no-drive zone” condition and today was quilt making over at the church. Grrrrrrr! However, by about 10:00 it switched to a southern drawl. So odd. We decided it would be best to wait until after lunch to see how I was before I headed out to the church. So, instead of quilting I headed down to the lower studio and did some experimenting with water colour backgrounds for cards…..posted below. Well, the drawl didn’t want to go away but the no-drive condition didn’t come back so off I went. Well, the ladies I quilt with thought my speech was a riot and they loved it and renamed me “Savannah” for the day because they said I sounded like I came from Georgia. So nice to have friends that laugh right along with me instead of being uncomfortable around me! I didn’t sew but I was the presser and all around gopher for the afternoon and I was the only one there doing that today so I was glad I went.

After supper I went back to the studio and finished off the cards. They are okay, not great, but okay. I’ll share with you my failures and successes.
First problem – use good quality water colour paper….which I did not have on hand. I do believe these would all be much better if they were on a better grade of water colour paper. So, to make the backgrounds….I used the same method for all three cards….. I wet the paper and added several colours of water colour paint, dried them, and repeated, over and over until I liked it. Then I sprayed white paint, watered down, over the top using an old toothbrush and my thumb. This gave a very soft spray to look like snow in the distance. I cut them down to the size I wanted and ran a silver pen along the edge using a steel ruler as a guide. I rummaged through my stash…..of yeah, read to the end to hear my stash story…and found this beautiful blue paper that had some dark spots already printed on and then I found the purple. Love this combination of colours and they both are in the background so I figured it would work.

First card is square…sorry it slipped down when I took the picture and I didn’t notice it until I had put the camera away. Once it was dry I stamped the tree in Archival black ink and the Noel....which was an outline stamp. So I drew the inside of the Noel with the same silver pen and then outlined it with a black gloss pen. The snowflake on the left of the tree was part of the stamp but I didn’t want to leave it black so I added a large gem in the centre and then smaller ones on the outside.  Walnut ink was sponged along the edges once the cards were done. Because the area behind the main focal image covers up the background papers, I die cut them with a Spellbinder die and used them in the inside…like this.

The next card was okay too......

....but I didn’t like the bottom part so I cut it off and redrew the silver line. There was a piece of dark purple left over so I die cut the banner with it and a piece of white cardstock. I cut the white middle piece off and then trimmed about 1/16” of an inch around the top and bottom. Then I sponged Distress Ink Concord Purple around the edge and used a stencil brush to pounce on a thin pouncing of the same ink to the inside….I like this better then sponged solid in the middle. Then the sentiment was stamped and all attached to each other and then to the card. Same procedure for the inside but I had a strip of blue left over so I added that behind the label…like this.

For the last card.....

...... I stamped one large tree and then realized that the inside is left blank. Note to self….when you stamp an image you have either never stamped before or haven’t stamped for a long time, stamp it on scratch paper first! Well, I didn’t like that at all so I grabbed my Stampin’ Up Hunter Green ink pad, squeezed some ink onto the lid and used a paint brush to paint the inside of the tree. Its okay, not great, but passable. The sentiment was stamped right onto the card this time. This card was smaller and I couldn’t fit the largest die on the purple without cutting into where the stamped image was going to go and I wanted to use that large verse for the inside so I had to improvise once again. These cards took hours to make by the way!

 So, I die cut two of the smaller dies in that same set; cut them apart and then glued the edges behind the large label with the sentiment. I think that worked out okay.

Once the cards were done I decided to add some large snow flakes by flipping on more paint and some by using the end of a stylus. I’m calling them done now!

Okay a quick story about the stash. On the way home from quilting I stopped in at the thrift store. Someone had obviously given up scrapbooking because they had two huge bags of 12x12 paper packs, plus a stack of Creative Memories paper, plus other paper for only $3.99 each. I told myself, “You don’t need this self” but self didn’t listen and I’m kind of glad. When I got home and sorted it out – gorgeous paper!!!!

So that’s the end of a very long post for a Monday. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada. Please take time at 11:00 a.m. for a moment of silence for the fallen soldiers. We’ll be at the cenotaph as usual on November 11th.


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