Friday, January 23, 2015

A Rant and a Quilt

I spent almost 3 hours on the phone this afternoon (for the second time this week) with a manufacturer about my printer. I won’t mention the name of it but this printer is a lemon! Two tech support people have, at the end of the telephone saga, have both said, “We need to replace the printer. You will be transferred to the Case Worker”. Both times the case worker has decided not to replace the printer but to try other methods. I’m a very patient person but they are wearing the patience level to a thin line. Apparently I can expect one more phone call saga from a “superior tech support person” because what my printer is doing is so odd they don’t know how to fix it and it is the case worker’s opinion that replacing the printer will not fix the problem. AAAAGGGGGHHHH why can’t I just buy one thing and have it work without problems????? Okay, rant is over, back to the blog.

I thought I’d end the week with another quilt. This one was made for one of my sons-in-law and the pattern (yes I used a pattern) is called Crossed Canoes.

When my friend and I were heading up the Block of the Month committee for the quilt guild, this was the featured block one month. I made a few samples but never finished enough to make a quilt. Last year, and continuing this year, is “finish the UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) and WIP’s (Works in Progress) so I completed enough of the blocks to make a quilt. This used up a lot of scraps. He loved it and I knew he would because he loves crazy quilts and other scrappy quilts. Can you pick out the block?

That’s all for a Friday. Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Second card with new die

The sun is shining and the snow is melting the snow so boots that don’t leak are a necessity….which means I have to go boot shopping. When we walked the other day I told Joe that I must have to spray my winter boots with sealant again because I think they are leaking. I took a better look at the boots today and they don’t need sealant, they need replacing. Darn. These were the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had but time to get new ones. Hope there are still some around. It’s near the end of January so I imagine all the stores have the summer stuff coming in. We shall see.

The snow just didn’t want to quit yesterday and was still coming down when I left the quilt guild meeting at 9:00. It was just a light snowfall though and not much accumulated but the roads were a bit slippery in places. Last night they taught us how to do needle-turn appliqué which I’ve never done but wanted to learn. I enjoyed it but I have lots of other quilts to make before I start a new project.

The background is one of my favourites. Lots of pouncing on alcohol on glossy cardstock until got just he look I wanted. I mounted it on black and then on a piece of orange paper that matched the colour of the alcohol inked one. Love it when that happens. This time I die cut the flower out of black cardstock and simply glued it on. The sentiment is a peel-off and I just happened to have one in black writing. The ribbon is from my stash. Stickles just had to be added to the flower too. Flowers need bling!

That’s all for a Thursday,

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Die!

Well that little bit of snow that we got yesterday was nothing like today’s snowfall. Once again it started snowing early this morning but this time we decided to go for a walk anyway. We were well bundled up which was good because the snow looked like it was just a nice gentle snowfall but every once in awhile it must have picked up some moisture and it when it hit our face it was like being hit by needles. Ouch. But, neither one of us fell and we got some exercise. When we got home Joe decided to shovel the driveway even though it was still snowing and I just checked the weather report and it’s not suppose to stop until about 9:00 tonight.  I like being in the house and watching the snow fall but it can quit anytime now. I’ve seen it enough times for this year.

Last fall our local scrapbooking store, The Paper Pickle, had a sale on Memory Box dies. By the time I got there they were pretty picked over but I did get a butterfly die (I used it on a card I previously posted) and one flower die. I really like flower dies. This is the first card I made with it.

I die cut the flower first in the red and then placed the pink behind it. I ran it through the Big Shot again and it cut off the pink around the edge but not each petal, which was a bit of a surprise actually….but I figured it was just paper so if it didn’t work, so what. Then I die cut it in green and placed a piece of light green behind the leaf that had the veins and I cut around it with scissors. The background was a piece of yellowish paper and I splashed some hot pink ink on it and sponged the lower right corner to add some dimension. Not sure who made the sentiment stamp but I just stamped it in black. Once the flower was assembled and glued on I knew it was too blah and needed something else. The banner was hand cut from the same piece of cardstock that the leaves were die cut from and I inked the edges and added it. Then I die cut the button (Stampin’ Up) twice and glued it together to make it deeper, tied some floss on it and glued it on. Still blah. Sequins are big right now so I dug out my sequins and added 5 green ones and one hot pink one. Getting better but still blah. Ahhh. It needs bling. I added the pink Stickles to it and pounced it around with my finger. Not bad. It’s not one of my favourites but its okay. I’ve made two other cards with this die and I do like them better. Stay tuned for them.

That’s all for a very snowy Wednesday,


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Resist Card

We were surprised to have a very snowy morning here in Ontario. It started quite early and as we were doing dishes (yes, we do dishes ourselves. I wash, hubby dries – we got rid of the dishwasher when we redid the kitchen to have more cupboard space and we don’t miss it at all)…..anyway, I asked him if we were going to walk in the snow but we both wondered if it would be too slippery or not. He looked out and said, “Let me finish the dishes first and then we’ll decide.” As he went back to the dishes I kept looking out the window and saw a fellow slip and fall down the street from us. Decision made! No walk today. We probably could have this afternoon but by the time he shovelled the driveway he was too tired to walk and I was too busy quilting to want to quit. Maybe tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that the sparrows and dark-eyed juncos did come back on Saturday. We have no idea why they did not come Friday but I told Joe maybe it took all day Friday for them to thaw out. He just gave me “that look’. Some days he has no sense of humour at all….especially in the winter!

When we were out and about on Friday I stopped in to Michaels looking for some quilt batting, which they didn’t have. I had a 40% off coupon so I thought I would treat myself to a Tim Holtz craft sheet. I keep looking at them and wanting one but you know how it is; I talk myself out of one because they were $16.98 which I thought was rather pricey. So Friday I decided it was time for one. I just about fell over when I saw the price of them now - $28.99 or $29.99?? Are you kidding me Michaels???? Gee, using the 40% coupon would bring the price down to the regular price of them. Not falling for that one! I’ll wait until I get to Hobby Lobby to get one. I needed a piece of black cardstock so that’s what I bought and used my 40% off coupon on!

Today’s card is another one with a brayer background.

Before I inked it I stamped the image (Stampin’ Up) using Resist Ink on glossy cardstock and this time I used the Ranger Big and Juicy ink pad to add the colour. The Resist Ink does indeed resist the ink and leaves that lovely ghosted image. Love it! I had another small piece of glossy paper sitting on the table so I inked over it and then die cut the butterfly with a Memory Box die. I put a piece of wax paper between the die and the cutting plate and instead of throwing it away, I carefully sponged on some of the same die and then glued it to the card first and then just glued the middle of the butterfly down. It looks like a shadow in real life but hard to tell on the photo. This could be a birthday or retirement card. The sentiment was stamped on label die cut from a Spellbinders die and then I used a stencil brush to pounce on a bit of the blue and purple just in the centre of the label before taking it out of the die. The ribbon looks crooked but it is not. I didn’t notice it was pushed up when I took the photo but I put it back down later.

That’s all for a snowy Tuesday,


Monday, January 19, 2015

Brown Scrappy Quilt

We just had a mild but wet and dreary weekend – and it continues. The temperature is just around the freezing mark but we went for a walk this afternoon and the cold dampness just seemed to go right through us. It was so dreary Saturday and Sunday we didn’t leave the house – and my brain disorders do not like it when the barometer dips down so far so it is better to stay indoors.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post a card or a quilt today but the quilt won out. This is a quilt I made for my oldest daughter. I saw a quilt similar to this but in different colours on Pinterest and I really liked it and figured out how to do it. The quality of the photo is not great and it is much nicer in person – richer colours. Double click to enlarge any photo.

Maryanne liked it and it even had Barbi’s dog’s approval.That's Griffin poking his head out to inspect the quilt.

That’s it for a Monday. I’ll post a card tomorrow.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Multiple Ink Background

Ahhhh, warm weather – it got up almost to the freezing mark today and let me tell you people, that was warm for us! Of course, because it was warmer and the sun came out all the snow that had salt on it melted so everything was a slushy mess today. That reminds me of the time we (ex-sps and I) drove down to Florida back in the sixties and we stopped for gas and the attendant came out and saw the side of our car that had the remnants of the salt spray on it and asked(read this with a southern accent)  “Why did you all put those white blotchy strips on your car” When we explained that it was from the salt on the road splashing up on the car, he said, “You all put salt on the roads?” So we further explained that they put salt on the roads to melt the ice and snow. He looked at us like we were crazy and then afterwards I realized he didn’t realize there were trucks designed to spread salt and he was likely picturing us crazy Canadians walking up and down the street with boxes of salt. Funny memory. Another thing about today – the sparrows did not return so my theory that they stayed away because of the cold weather is out! We did have more mourning doves and cardinals though but the whereabouts of the sparrows remains a mystery.

Have any of you been watching the videos of the new products from CHA? Drool! I absolutely love the January colour Tim Holtz released today. He is releasing one new colour in each Distress line per month. Love, love, love the colour this month. I have several Distress Inks that I use all the time but I don’t have any of the other Distress products….like the paint, spray and markers. If you go over to his blog he has the links to several videos showcasing the new products. Love the bird stamps!!!....I may have to get that one! I’ve watched a lot of the videos and lots of new products coming out this year….not that I can afford to buy many of them though but it doesn’t cost anything to drool!

Today’s card features a Tim Holtz stamp and sentiment from Hot Off the Press…. but not an alcohol ink background, but a one-of-a-kind background using multiple inks.

Love the old car and old truck stamps from a very old Tim Holtz collection. I use them all the time on masculine cards. This could be a birthday card but I made it into a retirement card instead. The background was made using glossy cardstock and an ink pad with multiple colours. First I embossed the old car and the sentiment in black embossing powder, pushing harder than necessary when stamping to give a bit of a ghost image around them after the next step. I have the Ranger Big and Juicy multiple ink pad (will post a card using it next week) and the Tsukineko one called Creole Spice, which is the one I used here. I inked up a hard rubber roller really well and then rolled it over and over and over the glossy cardstock, re-inking a few times, until I liked the coverage. The embossed image and sentiment resisted the ink but the areas without embossing, like the windows, picked up the colour. Easy to do and I really like the end result.  It was then mounted on white and then on a blue card base.

Looks like the more seasonal temperatures will be hanging around for awhile so that’s good news. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. That’s all for a warmer Friday.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alcohol Backgrounds

The frigid cold air continues here in Ontario but it should be back to more normal temperatures tomorrow – which means it will still very cold but right around -7C (19F) but with the wind chill it plummets to -14C (6F) but that’s still better than what we have had for the last four days. It will be good to get out of the house tomorrow – we need groceries and I want to go to the library. We haven’t had any sparrows at our bird feeders since it turned cold either. We’ve had a couple of Northern Cardinals and Mourning Doves but nothing else….well, except for the hawk that sits on the one bird feeder once in awhile. I know the birds take off when he comes but they are right back right after he leaves but not right now. My theory is that they are all huddled in a bush to stay warm but that’s just my theory.

Yesterday I decided to take the day off from quilting and I put on a couple more layers of sweaters and headed on down to the lower studio to make some cards. The basement has a couple of heat ducts but not much heat comes out so it’s pretty chilly down there. I felt like making something completely different so I did. I played around making some alcohol ink backgrounds and then using them in cards. Here’s one of them.

Once the background was to my liking I stamped some clocks and clocks bits over it. Some are Tim Holtz clocks, some from Hot Off the Press. The large sentiment is also from a Tim Holtz stamp set and I embossed it in black, tore the edges and inked them. The little tag was computer generated and then die cut with a Cuttlebug die. It’s attached to the ribbon with some embroidery floss that is tied in a bow – but a very manly bow! Then it was glued to a white card base.

Making the alcohol backgrounds on glossy paper is addicting. I think I cut 2 sheets of glossy paper into smaller sizes and made several different backgrounds. You’re never sure how they are going to turn out. Once I get the colours I like, I then spritz, rather than spray, on alcohol to get those tiny blooms you see. But next time I made some I’ll wear a face mask. The basement is not well ventilated and by the time I was done I thought my lungs were full of alcohol mist. Yuck. Not good for the body at all. I’m a slow learner some days but I eventually figure things out.

That’s all for a cold Thursday,


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

White Wonderland

This morning we woke up to a white wonderland.....not just more snow....but hoar frost! So beautiful. We don't get hoar frost very often so I had to put a heavy coat and boots (it was still -14C) and get some pictures of it. It covers everything. Here's just a few of the shots I got from the front porch and the backyard. Double click on any photos to enlarge them.

 A close up of the branches of our birch tree.

 Rose hips.

Right and left scenes from our front porch.

 Like I said, it covers everything including metal.

 A rose branch and rose hips by our shed.

 Lawn ornaments and flower stems. They were really covered with it.
Hoar frost doesn't last long. Once the sun comes out it leaves quite quickly. I looked out side about an hour after I took these shots and it was pretty much gone. We are having a regular small snow squall now so likely more shoveling will be happening.

That's all for a very white Wednesday,


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shark Attack!

Well we had a couple of days of warmer temperatures where it got up just above the freezing mark but it was short lived….back down to -14C this morning (about 6F)…..and we got a little more snow last night so Joe was had to shovel the driveway once again. Very little snow fell but if he doesn’t keep it cleared off or it develops ruts very quickly. I opened the door long enough to bring in the newspaper and that was enough for me!

I really wanted to get down to the “lower studio” today to work on some cards and mixed media creations but the basement is just a bit cold so I spent the day in the “upper studio” quilting. Glad I have more than one hobby.

Not much to report seeing as I don’t leave the house so I’ll get right to the quilt I’m posting today. (Spellchecker wanted to change “I’m” to “I is”…and it would read “I is posting”....I think spellchecker needs a grammar checker?)

This quilt is the one I made for my grandson Jack who wants to be a marine biologist so he can save the sharks. This is the same boy that wanted me to make him a great white shark costume for Halloween a couple years ago. In case you missed it, here it is the costume I created.

 This is the quilt I made him.

As usual, I started out with a sort-of plan in my head and no real pattern. That plan did not work out. I cut out squares of the shark fabric trying to get different sharks in each square but there was not a lot of sharks and the pattern repeated itself more than I realized but I finally got enough cut out. Then I sewed off-white strips along each side of each shark and the plan was to then sew a sparkling blue strip next to the off-white but once I laid it out on top of the blue, Joe and I both went – blah! It just didn’t work so I had to reverse sew the strips (formerly called ripping out stitches). I flipped through some of my quilting magazines trying to get some inspiration and I think it was the last magazine on the shelf where I spotted a quilt that I liked. It was actually a Christmas quilt but I took the centre section pattern and adapted it the shark squares and voilà, I had a new pattern in mind! Luckily I had a lot of the new fabric I wanted to use in the stash but I did have to go to the fabric store to get some of the grey. I love how it turned out and Jack absolutely loved it.

That’s all for a cold Tuesday,


Monday, January 12, 2015

Quilts were a hit!

Well we sure had a great time on Saturday. It was our Christmas get-together at one of my daughter’s houses – a little late and no Christmas tree up but that didn’t matter at all. We just all had a fun day together. It’s nice that all the sisters and their husbands all get along with each other and with us! Family is so important.

The quilts were a big hit. I posted Finn’s quilt last week but here he looking at his when his mom held it up.

 And of course, Finn just had to try it out right away. 

The funny thing is that he also liked the rainbow on the back so he had to lay down with the rainbow up as well. Four year olds are so funny. It was a very quick lay down!

Last year I made a Don’t Bug Me quilt for the Friends of Rondeau (our local provincial park) to raffle off as a fund raiser and the kids and even the parents that saw it went wild over it so I decided to make one similar to that for Seth. It was a big hit too.

Here’s his quilt that Grampa is holding up and then him looking at it at the get-together.

I have more quilts to post but I’ll be sharing some cards as well so stay tuned everyone.

Every Christmas I try to get a real nice shot of all five of my grandchildren but they think it’s funny not to co-operate and think of something to make me laugh and not what you call a professional looking portrait. This is what they did this year. Just as I was getting ready to take the photo Kadri bends down and Seth climbs on her shoulders - she's stronger than she looks - and Joven grabs Finn and pulls hime up - bare belly and all. Little devils.

That’s all for a snowy Monday – yes, more shovelling this morning! It can end anytime now!


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