Friday, April 18, 2014

Last of the Easter Cards

Sunny with a cool wind blowing for this Good Friday. Blessings to all who are celebrating Easter. Pretty quiet around this house because Joe still has a cold and doesn’t really feel like doing much. I had a nice Skype visit with one daughter and grandson so that was nice. I had made his father a birthday card with a motorcycle on it and he wants a card with motorcycles and he wants to stamp motorcycles too so I will look for another motorcycle stamp for him. This little guy loves drawing, painting and creating crafts. His daycare worker is always doing crafts with the kids and they love it.

 Here are the last two Easter cards I made. These are for the two older grandchildren, 14 and 22.

The older the boys get the harder it is to make cards for them. So I just printed off Happy Easter and coloured it and die cut with the Spellbinders’ Deckle Edge die. I cut the designer paper with scissors and glued it to the blue card base I made and then the sentiment. 14 year boys probably don’t really care about cards anyway but I don’t like to leave him out.


His sister’s card was also very quick to make. This photograph is one I took of my garden and the flowers are Lupins which are one of Joe’s favourite spring flower. I mounted it on the purple and then on to a piece of pastel striped paper I found in the stash. The little sentiment was stamped on to Provo Craft cut die and added with mauve flower brads. I liked these small butterflies and had a partial strip in the stash so I cut them apart and added them to the left side. I think she will like it.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone.




Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Bunny Card

It is a bright and sunny day here but the wind is pretty strong and downright cold! I was going to go out for a walk but hubby seems to be catching his cold back so he’s staying put and I sort of lost interest in it too. I’ve been down cleaning up and reorganizing some of my crafting supplies and finished up a few cards. Even though I slept well last night I’m feeling a little lazy and unmotivated today. Good job I’m retired so I can take a day off any time I want!

Time for another Easter card. This one is for the youngest grandson.

This time I coloured the rabbit with Prismacolor pencils. The rectangles were die cut with the Spellbinder’s Deckled edge dies. The yellow rectangle with the words started out as off-white but I wanted it yellow so I sponged Distress Ink Mustard Seed over it. The blue strip was run through a Provo Craft single embossing folder and then I added a silk flower. I think he will like it.

That’s all for a Thursday.




Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Easter Card

Nothing much to report today. No snow, no thunderstorms, no high winds to worry about so I’ll get right to the posting today. This is another Easter card for one of the grandsons.

This image was painted with water colour paints but it was printed on cardstock not water colour paper so I couldn’t blend much but it still turned out okay. The designer paper is from a .99 pack from Michaels and the green paper is from the stash.

Our monthly quilt guild meeting is tonight so that’s where I will be.

Take care all





Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What! Snowing again!

Yes! Believe it or not we woke up to find the yard covered with snow again. Unbelievable! On Sunday it was close to 70F so Joe set out the lawn furniture on the front porch and put out all his solar lighthouses. This is what they looked like this morning.

I made this lighthouse by stacking large clay flower pots together and painted them.

Hubby hates snow and is just a wee bit down in the dumps today. The only good thing is because we've just had 3 days of temperatures hovering around 70F the roads and sidewalks were warm and the snow melted there so no shoveling required. I got the old eye roll when I pointed this out to him. Oh well, I tried.
It is now 3:30 pm and we are still having a few snow flurries but not much. I missed the eclipse last night because I was actually sleeping through the night – for a change! However, seeing as we had snow this morning I think it is safe to say it was overcast and we would not have seen anything anyway so I’m glad I didn’t set the alarm for 2:00 am. I remember when Hale’s comet was passing over our city about 11:00 one night – and it was the only time in our lifetime that it would be doing so – I went upstairs to my then teenager’s bedroom and got her out of bed to come see it. She was still awake but was not impressed nor a happy camper at being forced (her words not mine) out of bed to see it – Kids! She said it looked like a slow moving shooting star and went back to bed. 

I’ve been back to working on the purse I started a couple of weeks ago and it will soon be done. I haven’t felt like sewing or quilting for the last couple of weeks so I’ve been down in the lower studio making cards and scrapbooking instead. Here is one of the Easter cards I made for the grandchildren.
This one if for the Blogger Challenge Easter.

This image was coloured with water colour paint – just for a change! The designer paper is from an old paper pack and the blue is from my stash. I ran the blue strip through the Provo craft single embossing folder to give it a wee bit of texture. Dies are Spellbinders.

Back to the sewing room now!





Monday, April 14, 2014

Rainy Days are Crafting Days

Lots of high wind and rain today so once again, I am grounded. Hubby just offered to go to the library for more books for me because it’s going to turn very cold again this week and I may not get out. They only hold them for so long. What a nice guy I married!

Yesterday I mentioned that I picked the first daffodils of the season from my garden. Here’s a hint about daffodils I forgot to mention. Do NOT put daffodils in a vase with other spring flowers, especially not with tulips. The daffodils secrete a poison that will kill the other flowers. If I want to combine other flowers with the daffodils I put daffodils in a separate vase that fits inside a larger vase that holds the rest of the flowers. That way the water from the daffodils cannot contaminate the other water.

Because I have not been feeling well what with the cold and the brain disorders acting up I haven’t felt very creative so I did a craft room clean-up and reorganizing. Finding the right way to store embellishments is my biggest problem. I’ve tried various methods and nothing seems to work perfectly. I have all my hard embellishments – like brads and jewels in craft containers sorted by colour. That works for me for them but it’s the paper embellishments that cause me headache. I’ll keep working on it. I did a YouTube search and there are lots of videos but the people have huge craft rooms with an obvious unlimited budget….not in my case! So, how do you store your paper embellishments??? Leave a comment and share your best kept secrets!

It hit my last night though that I have not made the Easter cards for my grandchildren so I did get started at them after supper. I’ll finish them today.

Today’s card was made from another older stamp. Lately I’ve been using the oldest stamps instead of the latest ones and enjoying the process.

Love this stamp. So darn cute! It was coloured with various inks that I spread out on a piece of plastic and just spread with a paint brush. Pretty easy layout so not much explanation required for this one. The rectangles were die cut with the Spellbinders’ Card Creator set using both A and B to get the 1/8” border.

Back to the lower studio (aka the basement) do get some cards made.



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Spring has indeed sprung! I picked my first bunch of daffodils today. Beautiful weekend, except for the thunderstorm!...which neither one of us heard last night but I guess it was a whopper because about 3,000 people lost power. The beauty of a good night’s sleep! I normally hear every storm but not last night. I was feeling better yesterday – colds normally only last a couple of days with me – so after lunch we took a ride out to Rondeau Provincial Park, bought our seasonal pass, and walked a few trails….and met up with some fellow birders. There are not too many birds out and about yet but it was jut nice to get out of house on a warm day. It’s even warmer today, close to 70F I think, but it is going to storm again this afternoon and the temperature is plunging to close to 0F by tomorrow. Strange, strange weather. Of course, with the atmospheric pressure bouncing all around, it set off the brain disorders so my speech is beyond weird so I’m staying put today.

I thought I would post a scrapbook layout today.


My grandson went to a friend’s house and he had a monster maker toy. Jack was so enthralled with it; he ended up getting one too. His dad and little brother watched him make monsters. The owl is a stamp I own and I paired it with a star and circle and wrote the year on the circle. The tags were from a package I bought ages ago and decided it was time to use them. The title letters/tags came with the set and hand wrote the journal tag. The little monsters on the right lower corner are a stamp from Stamping Bella. I just stamped it and coloured it and then cut it out and glued it on.  All the paper is from the stash – double sided paper is great! I cut two pieces about 2” off each end and flipped them over and taped it all back together and then added some more strips across the bottom for the monsters to sit on. For once it was a quick and easy layout.




Friday, April 11, 2014

Wow, this card is bright!

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day here and I have absolutely no desire to go for a walk. I always have allergies this time of the year but last night I finally admitted that Joe’s cold germs have invaded me and fought off the allergens and turned them into cold viruses. Translation – I have a cold……… and not happy about it. I’ve gone all winter without being sick and now that the weather is nice, I have a cold!!! Oh well, I’ve been using my Neti pot and that helps a lot – and taking Echinacea. If you use a Neti pot or buy one, make sure you use boiled water, not tap water. I just boil it in a pan for about 5 minutes and then let it cool. There have been cases of people using tap water that caused their death because of something in the water getting to the brain. Boiled water is perfectly safe and the Neti Pot is highly recommended by the one and only Dr. Oz.

I did get my papers moved over to the new storage unit, which turned out came with wheels so I can move it around – nice! But after that I decided to try to do some scrapbooking. Nothing seemed to work for me. I guess the cold germs are blurring the artistic genes because they are just not working day. Maybe this is a good day to just do some more sorting and organizing and forget about being creative.

Today’s card was made for the Stamping Bella challenge. This week is was a sketch. Here’s my card.

This is bright! But then again some people just brighten up the day so I’m sure someone will enjoy receiving this card. Most of the paper all came from one of those .99, 6” paper packs from Michaels except for the hot pink – it was from the stash. The fancy square is a Spellbinder die. The image was coloured with Prismacolor pencils and this time I blended them a wee bit with gamsol.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Snowman Card

This was more like a typical spring day around here with temperatures getting close to70ºF but very strong winds during the day and a rain shower after supper. I had to go to the periodontist today to get the aging gums cleaned. Not a fun thing to do but necessary. We always enjoy a Chinese buffet lunch first (I take a toothbrush with me) and today we had a short time to fill so I wandered into a Michaels store and found a 6 drawer unit on sale for $39.00. The drawers are the removable plastic ones that Michael’s sells individually for $9.99 full price, but quite often on sale. So seeing as the unit came with 6 of them, I thought $39.00 was pretty darn good price so I bought one…..and I didn’t even get an eye roll from hubby. I have a ton of scrapbooking paper that I bought at the thrift store (too good of a price and too nice of paper to leave there) and I really needed to have more storage. Seeing I have 65+ years of scrapbooking to do, I will need a lot of paper. So overall, not a bad day.

Before we left for my appointment I was able to finish up a couple of cards as well. One of them was for the Merry Monday challenge that encourages people to make a Christmas card each week all year and although I don’t always get one done, I did this week. This week’s challenge was to make a Christmas card featuring a snowman. Here’s my snowman card.

I made the card base from the light blue cardstock with the fold at the top. The white cardstock was run through the Stampin’ Up snowflake embossing folder and then I stamped the snowman with black ink and coloured in some of the image with Tombow markers. Then I sponged Tumbled Glass Distress ink around the middle and just hitting some of the snowflakes and then used Broken China Distress ink to go around the outside edges. Once it was glued to the card base, all I had to do was added some blue rhinestones.

Getting close to another weekend!






Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flying Bird

Oh my! It just felt like spring was here today! Gorgeous day for sure! Okay the wind still had a bit of a nip to it but not strong and the sun was shining so it was fine for walking. After lunch I walked down to the nursing home where I do pastoral care visits (I’m just one of many from our church who visit the shut ins) and then I called Joe after I saw and visited with all of them (only 5 right now) and he walked down to meet me and we walked downtown and back. Let me tell you I was ready for a rest by the time we got back. The nursing home used to be a hospital. It is huge and of course the people I visit are all on different floors and some in the east end and some in the west end so I’m constantly walking back and forth – and then I walked downtown and back! What was I thinking!!! Oh right, it’s called needing exercise!

We did see the other grandson do his dance routine as well. Man there are a lot of kids from his school that joined the dance club. We saw three different clubs from his school and that was just up to the 10 year olds. It was interesting watching some of the clubs from other schools because the older the students got, the less participants there were. Some only had a dozen or less and some were all girls – who were the best by the way. You could tell some of them took actual dance lessons. Overall the kids all had fun, and some exercise, and thanks to technology we watched them without having to drive two hours to watch a 2 minute dance routine!
Sometimes technology is great, sometimes not so great. They have revamped the library’s computer system and it is awful. The other one was very user friendly and this one is NOT! If I'm not creating something I’m reading so I use the library a lot and I wish they had left it alone. I pretty much reserve the books I want to read on the computer from the comfort of my home and just go pick them up when they are available. Oh well, they say its good to learn new things but personally I could have done without this one!

Okay, enough griping, on with the card. Today’s card was made using one of the first stamps I bought. I pulled it out and decided it was time it was put to use again.

I love this little flying bird stamp so I stamped and embossed it in black on some white cardstock and then I inked the cardstock with various inks – mostly Distress inks but I use all inks for this technique. I paired that up with some striped paper and added the silver line sticker across the fold. The sentiment was also stamped and embossed in black and then I inked around it as well as it was still in the Spellbinder die. This leaves a clean crisp white edge. Then I just added some rhinestone bling to the bird and added a rhinestone swirl to the lower right corner. 

That’s all for Wednesday folks.





Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What kind of flower is this??

Wow, the rain we had plus some warmer temperatures (not warm enough to suit me because I love it when it’s in the 90’s) have made the grass turn green over night it seems. On the way back from dumping the kitchen pail into the composter I made a trip around the perimeter of the house, which is all flower beds, and noticed that the daffodils along the west side of the house have huge buds and are about ready to open up. Nice! We’re hoping to get a nice long walk in today but decided to wait until after lunch to see if it warms up a bit more.

This morning we had to wait by the computer to watch one of our grandson’s dance club from school dance at the festival. Hard to pick out one six year old from an entire gym full of kids jumping around (I mean dancing) but we did actually find him. Wednesday his brother’s dance club jumps..errr I mean dances. I was surprised these two sports crazy rough boys even joined a dance club but it looks like about 90% of the kids are in it. This is not finesse dancing like jazz or hip hop but more like they do at camp or guide troops….like I said, joining hands in a large circle (they needed to make two circles there were so many kids) jumping around and having fun….and getting out of class for a couple of hours. They even had a little girl in a wheelchair going around with the kids with the help of an aid. Nice to see.

Today’s card is the exact opposite in style than yesterday’s steampunk card. I picked up a nice Sizzix die on sale at Michaels that had a bird and a swirl on it that I really liked but it also had a flower – of some kind! I decided to justify buying the die set I absolutely had to use all three of them. So, this is what I created with the flower-like die.

I have no idea what kind of a flower this is suppose to be so I dug through the stash and came up with that piece of background paper, a couple pieces of orange and some green and went for it. The card base is just a white square card. I layered the designer background paper, the white and the dark shiny brown leaving about 1/8” between each one. The flower was die cut and then I simply turned the inside swirls backwards and switched sides as that side of the paper was solid and not shiny. The leaves were die cut and placed behind the flower with one in the lower left corner that point up to the flower. Pointing it up keeps the eye in the card rather than going off the card if it pointed down. I wasn’t sure what to do with the ends of the flower but I had a scrap of the dark brown left over so punched out some circles and glued them on over top of the circles that were there. Any time I have bits of cardstock left over I get out two punches – the Martha Stewart fern punch if the cardstock is green, and a small flower punch if any other colour and I punch out as many of each as I can and dump them in a container. So that’s what I did here. The ferns went into a container and I punched out some brown and orange flowers and carefully pushed the large end of a stylus into the centre of each flower as it lay on an old mouse pad to give them some dimension and then glued them on. A large pearl was added to the middle of the flower and small ones to the small flowers and then the sticker sentiment in gold. It turned out okay and I just might use that die more than I thought I would.

Last night there was nothing on television that interested me (I’m not a big television watcher) so I decided to work on the purse I’m making. What a terrible pattern I used. I knew I would have to sew exactly ½” seams or nothing would fit and even though I’m sure I did that, it still didn’t fit together very well and I had to add a piece in the bottom to get it to work. Glad no body sees the bottom!

 That’s all for a Tuesday.




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